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  • James Kester
    http://www.ieee.org/organizations/history_center/milestones_photos/te lstar_maine.html Here s the story in condensed form. ... launched ... and ... synchronous
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      Here's the story in condensed form.

      --- In coldwarcomms@yahoogroups.com, Matthew Sadler <mws@s...> wrote:
      > Telstar 1 became operational in July 1962 - the satellite was
      > on the 10th at 4:00 AM, and after only 24 hours of operation voice
      > television had already been sent across the satellite.
      > Syncom 1 was launched on February 14, 1963 but was in a sub-
      > orbit due to something malfunctioning on the bird.
      > I picked up an interesting book at the Smithsonian two or so years
      > "The Origins of Satellite Communications 1945-1965" by David
      > Very interesting read, spends a lot of time discussing the
      > between NASA, Bell, and a few others about ownership and operation
      > the satellites, as well as what type of orbit would be preferable.
      > above information came from that book.
      > Now we are blessed with such space junk as SBS 6 and one of the
      old Anik
      > birds, with fewer than half of the transponders still working,
      > needs to be put out of its misery. Meanwhile, DirecTV is getting
      > new Ka-band sats up in the sky... curious to see how they deal
      with rain
      > and snow fades.
      > --mws
      > http://www.scanchattanooga.com/
      > Dave Emery wrote:
      > > On Thu, Apr 28, 2005 at 08:57:36PM -0400, David Lesher wrote:
      > >
      > >>Further, someone said "In 1966-68 satellite communication was
      > >>still in the future"..
      > >>
      > >>My memory is at least most of the Gemini flights had live
      > >>from the recovery carrier. That would make it ~1965 on. (Which
      > >>not to say NSA had such available...)
      > >
      > >
      > > The very first geosync satcom was Syncom I around 65...
      > > by the Apollo era in 67 they were able to deploy satcom via the
      > > first Intelsats - even to the NASA Apollo tracking ships.
      > >
      > > So yes, it is true that in 67-68 there was the first
      > > commercial geosync satcom available - but of course it belonged
      > > an international consortium, not the US government and US
      > > geosync or near geosync comsats were first launched a little bit
      > >
      > > While I have no direct knowlage, it would seem logical that
      > > TRSSCOM was an earlier system still in use then that did predate
      > > geosynchronous comsats. And needless to say was doubtless
      > > more covert than putting carriers from intelligence platforms up
      > > early commercial satellites which everyone and his little
      brother were
      > > watching.
      > >
      > >
    • Jim Johnson
      James Bamford, in his book The Puzzle Palace , devotes a fair amount of dialog to the Liberty incident and discusses the TRSSCOM communications antenna that
      Message 2 of 9 , May 2 8:32 AM
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        James Bamford, in his book "The Puzzle Palace",
        devotes a fair amount of dialog to the Liberty
        incident and discusses the TRSSCOM communications
        antenna that was on the ship. (This is great reading
        wherein an expose of the NSA was/is concerned.

        Jim Johnson
        Caledonia, MI

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