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    In a message dated 4/11/99 9:38:13 AM Eastern Daylight Time, ... Yes, it would *almost* have to be HIGH POINT -- which was the code-name for the Mt. Weather
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 1999
      In a message dated 4/11/99 9:38:13 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
      mfoster@... writes:

      > From: Mark Foster <mfoster@...>

      > 1. In the documents about the DUCC what is the facility that was redacted
      > from the document relative to current Command and Control Facilities. My
      > guess is Mt. Weather.

      Yes, it would *almost* have to be 'HIGH POINT' -- which was the code-name
      for the Mt. Weather facility. At that time in the early 1960s, it was the
      primary, major C3I center/COG site for the Executive Branch (many
      contemporary sources indicate Judicial Branch [Supreme Court Justices] as
      well, but I don't know if that was the case back then). It was a 'black'
      hardened facility officially known as the 'US Army Interagency Communications
      Agency.' The "...and" prior to the censored text tends to indicate the
      censored text pertains to a single system/facility.

      Now here are some major questions/issues:

      1. Why is the info still classified, over 35 years after the document was
      written and when the Mt. Weather facility is
      pretty much well-known, and not a primary relocation site for key officials
      for a nuclear-war scenario? Despite coming out of the black in the early
      1990s (NOT by choice), Mt. Weather is still a very, very secretive facility
      -- more so than the ANMCC is.

      2. Whatever it is, the censored text --which as I pointed out earlier, seems
      to just be a name of one facility/system-- is lengthier than the name of any
      one of the other assets listed. Perhaps it it because they wrote out "US
      Army Interagency Communications Agency relocation site near Winchester
      Virginia" or something like that.

      3. If you re-read the first part of that paragraph, the initial sites listed
      are fixed-site facilities -- NMCC, ANMCC
      (http://www.mich.com/~ttyler/C3I/Bunkers/SITE-R/Site-R.html), THEN it
      mentions the National Emergency Airborne Command Post
      (http://www.mich.com/~ttyler/C3I/NMCS/NW/NW.html), National Emergency Command
      Post Afloat (http://www.mich.com/~ttyler/C3I/NMCS/NECPA/NECPA.htm), and
      finally, the mystery site/system. Based on the structure of the paragraph,
      it would be very reasonable to assume that the facility/system in question is
      a MOBILE platform. Air is covered with NEACP, sea surface is covered with
      NECPA, it was a little too early for a bunker hidden on the moon (unless it
      was a joint USA/Martian one), so space is out. To me, their are only two
      other logical choices: a ground-mobile facility (series of trucks & vans), or
      the National Emergency Command Submarine -- which I personally find to be
      extremely plausible/logical both back in the early 1960s as well as today
      (which could help explain why the info from '63 was still classified in '98).
      National Emergency Command Submarine (NECS) seems to contradict my #2
      however, unless there was other wording such as that it wasn't a
      functioning/active NMCS asset during peacetime conditions, etc.

      Like with the DUCC, we know from open-source material that the NECS concept
      was proposed & studied in the 1960s, but beyond the conceptual studies, there
      doesn't appear to be any more open-source material. Draw your own
      conclusions about that! Supposedly with the DUCC, RAND or MITRE did some
      feasibility studies and pretty much shot down the DUCC as not being
      cost-effective. That contradicts the literature we have...

      If you look in the upper-right corner of the 7 NOV 63 Memo for the
      President regarding the DUCC blind, there are some handwritten notes. I can't
      make out the first 4 lines, but line 5 seems to read "past efforts:" Line 6
      is definitely "The Rock" (ANMCC/AJCC/Site-R), line 7 is "High Point" (Mt.
      Weather). Line 8 might read "____ bomb" or "____ bunker" & line 9 seems to be


      P.S. Any month now, I'm going to start working on a web page about Mt.
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