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Re: [coldwarcomms] FAA on former WU Sites, former ATT sites.

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  • Daryl Gibson
    James: Welcome! I realize you could walk a fine line here with ATC; I m mostly interested in when your company is expecting to acquire the remaining AT&T
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2000


      I realize you could walk a fine line here with ATC; I'm mostly
      in when your company is expecting to acquire the remaining AT&T towers;
      (I haven't gotten to all the ones around here to photograph them
      also, I notice that some of the sites may have done double duty as
      fiberoptic repeaters. On those sites, would you expect the building to
      go with the tower sale? Obviously, your company is mostly interested in
      the towers themselves, although certainly the buildings are useful for
      the supporting electronics.

      Oddly enough, around here, I've noticed that ATC has erected new towers
      close to existing AT&T Microwave sites, some of which have higher
      One of those is at Meadow, Utah. A new tower exists at the west side of
      the freeway, and was erected in the last few months; an AT&T MW site
      exists on the east side of the freeway, not a mile away; I suspect
      the site hasn't sold yet. A similar
      situation exists at Levan, Utah. Made me think that the company wasn't
      serious about using the towers. In both cases, the AT&T MW site is
      in elevation and has better line-of-sight than the new towers. Since I
      suspect the new towers are probably PCS, does a mile or so make that
      difference in the signal strength?

      james.e.innes.cgs80@... wrote:
      > This is my first post to the Coldwarcomms list. Anyway, I have a lot
      > of knowledge re: activities on former WU sites. Unfortunately, since
      > I am current American Tower management employee, I can't volunteer
      > any info on current ops and tenants, but I can confirm data about the
      > past, along with some current data that is in the public domain. The
      > FAA is on some former WU sites, and has towers on land that was
      > purchased from WU that was adjacent to existing MW sites.
      > Re: Former ATT sites. American Tower Corp. (ATC) is in the process
      > of purchasing approx. 1900 former ATT MW sites, about 50 % of the
      > total. From ME-VA, I would say that we have about 80% of the former
      > sites, including a number that also supported L-carrier repeater and
      > master group switching (no former Autovon switch sites, though) with
      > some underground facilities. There are plans to remove horns on some
      > sites to accommodate new wireless tenants, but not much has been done
      > to date. Check out www.americantower.com for more data in the near
      > future on these sites.
      > I'll try to answer any future questions as best I can.
      > Jim I
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