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Re: AT&T transcontinental microwave "Golden Spike"?

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  • Albert LaFrance
    Terry, Thanks for the Golden Spike info - I ll pass that along to the writer. It seems to be conclusive evidence that Crow Creek Hill s designation was an
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 28, 2004

      Thanks for the "Golden Spike" info - I'll pass that along to the writer. It
      seems to be conclusive evidence that Crow Creek Hill's designation was an
      official AT&T policy.

      I checked the group's Photo section, and found that it has run out of space
      (30 MB). You could try uploading your photos to the Files section, which
      still has about 4 MB of space remaining.

      As a long-term solution, I would be glad to host anyone's images from the
      Files and Photos sections on my Long Lines or Cold War Infrastructure web
      sites, as appropriate. I have plenty of space available, the domain names
      are registered so the URLs won't change in the future, and the photos would
      of course be credited as the contributor requests. This has the advantage
      of making the pictures available to any web user, rather than just Cold War
      Comms members.


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      > Hi Albert:
      > The July-August 1951 issue of Wisconsin Telephone News and the
      > September 1951 issue of Bell Laboratories Record also mention Crow
      > Creek Hill as being the "golden spike" tower, both magazines show a
      > photo of the tower under construction.
      > I was at the Crow Creek Hill site just three weeks ago. The horn
      > antennas have been removed from the tower, the site is now owned by
      > Ryan Electronics Inc. I tried to post a photo of the site, but each
      > time I try to access the "Photos" section I get an error message. If
      > anyone knows how to resolve that problem please let me know.
      > Terry Michaels
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