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The North American Numbering Plan, 22-October-1947

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  • Mark J Cuccia
    56 years ago on this date, 22-October-1947, Harold J. Ryan of AT&T dated and issued a memo titled: Numbering Plan Area Arrangements -- Toll Area codes --
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      56 years ago on this date, 22-October-1947, Harold J. Ryan of AT&T dated
      and issued a memo titled:

      "Numbering Plan Area Arrangements -- Toll Area codes -- Letter to all
      General Traffic Managers -- attached Map and List of Codes".

      There had been several preliminary plans drafted for automating the
      long-haul switching and routing of telephone calls in the US and Canada
      including a numbering/dialing plan, *before* October 1947, some of the
      plans were about routing and switching hierarchy/etc., and equipment
      installation (Crossbar, Card-Translators, etc); There were about three
      different draft attempts at a numbering plan in the early/mid 1940s,
      but it was Mr. Ryan's MEMO of 22-October-1947 that included the map and
      list of the original 86 area codes of the US and Canada, in the format
      that was actually impelemented and built-upon over the next 50+ years.

      So, while there WERE some earlier plans which ultimately were "evolved"
      into the "finalized" draft of October 1947, it was on 22-October-1947
      that one "could" say that the North American *NUMBERING* Plan, of area
      codes as we have known them as they have developed and further evolved
      of the decades, was "born".

      I prepared a report on this and the 56-some years of developement of the
      NANP, and posted it to the TELECOM Digest. Pat sent it out late Tuesday
      night/early Wednesday morning (US/Canada times).

      I'm not going to re-post it here because it is well over 35-KB, although
      it is only done as *PURE ASCII* .txt! ... But for those interested....

      it can be found at the "Telecom Digest Online", as well as
      comp.dcom.telecom (moderated) Usenet Newsgroup. I don't have the
      "exact" addresses at TD-Online nor at Usenet (c.d.t), but Pat did
      email it as a sequential numbered issue (v.22 n.712) for those who
      receive TD as an emailed "Digest",

      AND it can be viewed/downloaded/printed (as v.22, n.712) from the
      TELECOM-Digest Archives site:


      Pat also put a copy into the Archives as a "report":

      and in the Archives under "History":

      And Pat (or Lisa) also "mirrors" Telecom Digest at Yahoo as well as the
      Yahoo Group "telecom-news". My NANP 56th anniversary report at:

      Mark J. Cuccia
      mcuccia (at) tulane (dot) edu
      New Orleans LA USA
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