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Re: Nebraska,Wyoming,Utah cable route

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  • Greg Carttar
    ... ... brick ... size ... Near ... and ... my ... go ... was ... buildings ... the ... completed ... 400+ ... a ... That could very well be
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 23, 2003
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      > wrote:
      > > Hi Guys:
      > >
      > > When I lived in Nebraska (and as I traveled I-80 in Nebraska,
      > > Wyoming, and Utah) I was, and still am, aware of a string of
      > > huts which generally follow US30/I-80 between Omaha and Salt Lake
      > > City.
      > >
      > > The huts are red brick, with asphalt shingle roofs, about the
      > of
      > > a two car garage or a little smaller. They are all identical.
      > > many of these now can be seen new huts which are metal buildings
      > > are probably fiber huts/buildings...they are about the size of
      > > a "Butler Building" type farm building.
      > >
      > > These huts still exist, and have emergency generator hookups on
      > them.
      > > When I lived in Lexington, Nebraska, This cable route came under
      > > house and passed through a chamber accessed by a manhole in the
      > alley
      > > behind the house. I was never brave enough to pop the cover and
      > > down and look. We were told by a phone company crew once that it
      > > a 2400 pair transcontinental cable. But my dad could have
      > > misunderstood "2400 channel" cable. Coax maybe?
      > >
      > > These huts are about every 20-30 miles and dozens of them can be
      > seen
      > > between Omaha and Salt Lake City.
      > >
      > > These are not the Sprint fiber route...that follows the Union
      > Pacific
      > > railroad right-of-way.
      > >
      > > Any ideas?
      > > > Greg Carttar
      > The description & spacing has to be K(& possibly some J) carrier
      > repeaters,although nominal spans were 17 miles.The smaller
      > were most likely short haul N/ON/T, or fiber overbuilds on or near
      > route later on.
      > See post #5730 describing the Omaha-Sacramento K cable,which
      > the 1st coast to coast K route.
      > The 2400 channel capacity is about right,assuming the cable had
      > pairs;it would not have been 2400 pairs in a toll cable,there were
      > few of these out of local CO's in metro areas.

      That could very well be it. I had looked at the page you refer to but
      wasn't sure if it was the same cable. I believe that the manhole in
      the alley behind my house was a termination to branch to the
      Lexington, Nebraska CO, which I think was one of the first outstate
      small town CO's in Nebraska to get a DSS, back when it was still
      Northwestern Bell.

      Since there are several interesting installations along this route
      (Offut AFB, an ELF site in Silver Creek, Missle Sites in Western NE,
      whatchamacallit AFB in Cheyenne with missle sites, Salt Lake City,
      etc) It seemed that there was something interesting about it.

      Thanks for the post.


      Greg Carttar
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