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    From Graham Taylor GM6JDZ (RAFARS1845) Mike, many thanks for this detailed response. I honestly thought the 130s had to do some dangerous manouvre to deploy
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 31, 1999
      From Graham Taylor GM6JDZ (RAFARS1845)

      Mike, many thanks for this detailed response. I honestly thought the 130s
      had to do some dangerous manouvre to deploy their giant longwire antennae-
      thank you for explaining. I am always interested to wonder what 'improved
      EMP and nuclear effects hardening' truly means in practice. I agree totally
      that fibre-optic connectivity would have to be the channel of choice on the
      ground, but it is terrifying to think about the potential degree of
      disablement to avionics and comms systems that would be experienced in an
      NCA-tasked aircraft during an exchange. Good grief, if a portable CD player
      can be implicated in affecting the flight control surfaces of a fly-by-wire
      McDonnell-Douglas widebody, what on earth would the spread-spectrum
      fieldstrength hit from a plain vanilla nuclear device do to a tiny aircraft
      like the E-6?

      I'm interested to see your academic interests, Mike. Your perspectives on
      the 'regrowth' of the ionisphere do cheer me up, plus I must concede that I
      was unaware as to the positive compensatory effects available to 'patch'
      the path-loss budgets by using adaptive HF techniques, I was thinking about
      this in terms of normal sunspot cycles and night/day band effects (now I
      think about it further, it is very analogous to semi-automatic traffic
      re-routing on switched 'wire' networks).

      Thanks also for your comments on HAARP. Yes, it's polar position is
      interesting. Somehow I feel that real estate prices were not the major
      factor here. But how has this project created such a cult following amongst
      the conspiricy theorists? It seems to be implicted in everything covert
      (according to some): OTHR beaming systems, ELF comms for EAMs out to
      deep-sea submarine fleets, taking-out chunks of the ionisphere for tactical
      denial purposes on demand, Reagan's STARWARS non-starters, and that
      eternally-rumoured Coldwar communications smoke-free squib, RF human
      biological wireless C3I mechanisms (as it were). Who remembers all the
      1970s/80s complaints about the embassy audio bugging device microwave
      claims (was it in Moscow?): now that I *can* just about believe in!

      (This last point is perhaps better taken off-list, but have you been
      involved at all in research into fractal antenna systems? Are their any
      other holy grails waiting to be found in the field of propagation (no

      From: mwj116@...

      I'll dive in here on a few topics.

      First, the C-130 Tacamo planes with the VLF trailing wire antennas
      have been replaced by the Navy's E-6 TACAMO. See the following
      links for some information.



      The plane doesn't make any sort of "kamikaze dive" to deploy the
      antenna, although there is a special flight profile they fly that will
      cause the antenna to orient itself almost vertically. My professor at
      Penn State happened to be involved in the design and verification of
      this antenna, and I have a lot of documentation in my lab that I
      haven't read yet, I am not sure if any of it can be disclosed,
      however. The trailing wire antenna is never deployed over land
      since it can jam on retraction and require part to be cut off and

      The Navy factfile site will indicate that there are two missions for
      the E-6, communications relay to the sub fleet, and airborne
      command post. The E-6A can do only the former, while the E-6B
      can handle both roles. I also believe that the B model has
      improved EMP and nuclear effects hardening.

      As far as the use of HF radio in a trans/post attack environment (or
      following other global calamities), lots of events cause disruption to
      the ionosphere, and it always restores itself. While HF
      communications might be blacked out for a period of hours to days
      following an event (and this might only occur in limited regions that
      usually occur in pairs due to injected charges following the Earth's
      magnetic field lines), the UV radiation from the sun that causes the
      ionosphere to form in the first place is not going to be affected by
      any terrestrial events. Hence, the ionosphere will repair itself,
      certainly in less time than it would take to restore any other
      seriously damaged communications network. If you are involved in
      post-attack communications planning, HF is one of your primary
      assets. With adaptive links and real-time channel characterization,
      the reliability of HF circuits in a disturbed ionospheric environment
      is substantially increased.

      As far as terrestrial communications are concerned, I would pick a
      fiber-optic communications system over a twisted pair copper cable
      any day, although the vulnerability of any cable route (which we
      can see from all the terraserver images referenced over this list) is
      high if targeted in an attack.

      Lastly, in reference to HAARP, this project is based on the work of
      Dr. Anthony Ferraro of Penn State, who theorized that HF
      modulation of the current path in the ionosphere could result in ELF
      wave creation, and thus be a substitute or backup for the Navy's
      ELF system in northern Michigan and Wisconsin. Unfortunately,
      HAARP became somewhat politicized and its location (chosen due
      to political pork-barrel concerns as I understand) is not in the
      optimum spot for producing these effects (the auroral zone of the
      ionosphere isn't a place to expect reliability for testing a new
      theory). Although there has been a lot of hoopla regarding some
      testing they are doing, especially with requests for QSL's from
      hams and others, the project has yet to produce and important
      results, to the best of my knowledge.

      One of the hopes of the HAARP/ELF project was to be able to
      create a mobile ELF communications system that could go with
      NCA assets as they disperse prior to an attack. Of course, the
      HAARP array and transmitters cover many acres and so far there
      hasn't been any breakthroughs that will allow a portable package to
      be developed that can also produce the required combination of
      output power and antenna gain.
      Mike Jacobs, N3YAV
      Antenna and RF Engineering Laboratory
      Penn State University
      State College, PA

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