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Interesting information on China's ATC

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  • siriusss@aol.com
    The Chinese use the old coldwar equipment, much of it decommissioned from the US and EU and even Russia. The page below is slow loading but I thought you might
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 18, 2002
      The Chinese use the old coldwar equipment, much of it decommissioned from
      the US and EU and even Russia. The page below is slow loading but I thought
      you might want to browse around their site. CAAC has also been involved
      trying to buy old sites for cargo such as Long Beach and Long Island and in
      the Bahamas.

      China is developing remote controlled aircraft because they have problems
      with hijackings and rivalries between the provinces.

      <A HREF="http://www.caac.gov.cn/gznb/98e-40.htm">http://www.caac.gov.cn/gznb/98e-40.htm</A>

         The Terminal Area Expansion Project of Beijing Capital International
      Airport, one of the State's major projects, was started on Oct. 26, 1995 and
      is scheduled to be completed and put into use on Oct.1, 1999. The project has
      a total investment of over RMB 9 billion yuan and includes 16 auxiliary
      projects as follow:   A terminal building of 268,758m2 (usable area) and its
      auxiliary facilities, with a handling capacity of 4,050 international
      passengers and 5,250 domestic passengers at peak hour, 168 check-in desks and
      36 boarding gates.   An apron of 483,395m2 and its auxiliary facilities, with
      36 near aircraft stands and 8 remote aircraft stands and fuel-supply,
      power-supply, water-supply and aircraft-guiding facilities.   A road system
      in front of the new terminal building with a construction area of about
      170,000m2.   A car parking building covering a construction area of 166,784m2
      with 5,167 spaces for cars of various sizes.   A cargo service center, with a
      construction area of 24,000 m2 and an annual cargo throughput of 160,000
      tonnes.   A water supply system, including a 24 km-long water supply pipeline
      (finished already) from Shunyi County to the airport, a reservoir for water
      supply with water storing capacity of 2,700m3 and replacements of some
      sections of pipelines and equipment, thus increasing the daily water supply
      to 40,000m3.   A power supply system, including a new 110/10 kV substation of
      2,435m2, equipped with 3 transformers with capacity of 20,000 kVA.   A
      central heating system, with a building area of 14,000m2 and equipped with 5
      sets of 75t/h refrigerating units.   A natural gas supply system, an internal
      road system, a sewage and garbage disposal system, a jet fuel supply system
      and administrative office and dormitory buildings.   The construction has
      been carried on successfully on condition that the normal and safe operation
      of the airport be ensured. By the end of 1998, the Termianl Expansion Project
      entered a decisive phase. After three years of intense struggle, the special
      vehicle garage, the internal road system, the comprehensive business
      building, the 11 kV substation, the heating station and a part of the apron
      were completed and put into use. The whole terminal building reached the
      phase of fitting-up, electric and other equipment installation and test,
      while other works were carried out in a systematic way.<A HREF="">      <A HREF="">NextPage>> </A>

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