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  • Black Max
    I think a more broad catch-all would be Cold War Infrastructure... Regards, Jason Swift KE4KYY ... __________________________________________________ Do you
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 6, 2002
      I think a more broad catch-all would be Cold War
      Jason Swift
      --- Albert LaFrance <albertjlafrance@...> wrote:
      > Several people have brought up important questions
      > concerning the proposed
      > organization to promote our interests.
      > One of these concerns the range of subject areas we
      > choose to include within
      > our "charter". Specifically, should we be
      > inclusive of anything related to
      > the Cold War, or should we focus more narrowly on
      > communications, or do we
      > want to be somewhere in between?
      > For example, one researcher noted that some of the
      > facilities we discuss on
      > the list are not primarily communications stations,
      > although communications
      > is a vital element of their operations. For
      > example, installations like
      > Mount Weather most definitely *provide* and *use*
      > communications, but
      > communications is only one component of their
      > broader and more complex
      > missions.
      > To people studying some aspects of Cold War
      > infrastructure, like civil
      > defense and missile systems, communications may be
      > simply one slice of a big
      > pie, co-equal with many other aspects of the topic.
      > Some potential members
      > may be students of foreign affairs, defense policy
      > or domestic politics, and
      > thus will be interested in communications networks
      > only for the clues they
      > provide on those topics. Others may be interested
      > solely in the technical
      > details of specific system or facility.
      > My inclination would be to define the organization's
      > mission as broadly as
      > possible. This list seems to function very well
      > with a wide range of
      > interests represented, and exchanges of information
      > among people working on
      > different aspects of the Cold War field can be very
      > enlightening. If the
      > organization is structured as an "umbrella" group,
      > it should be able to
      > accommodate the needs and contributions of a diverse
      > membership.
      > Albert

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