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Re: Site Addresses?

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  • pwood78
    Hello, ... You may want to go through FCC microwave records by hand. I ve also found the FCC site id (optional but present for most AT&T records) in several
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 24, 2002

      > I can't seem to find the Greenough, Georgia AT&T site. It's on all
      > the maps but doesn't seem to be there anymore. We've driven around

      You may want to go through FCC microwave records by hand. I've
      also found the FCC site id (optional but present for most AT&T
      records) in several cases will differ from the AT&T station name. Even
      amongst FCCs own records! It's 30+ mb so its about a 2 hour download
      on a 56k modem. This will include *alot* more records than available
      from the via FCC web site.

      > fit with the pattern down here. All of the sites down here are
      > still owned by either AT&T or American tower. The AT&T owned sites

      American Tower has or in the process of selling alot of their
      underpreforming rural properties to a company called AAATowers or
      something. The AAA website isn't much to talk about so no way to get
      a site list. However when the site changes hands from ATSi to AAAT
      it is removed from the American Tower tower mapper. Someone was kind
      enough to post an old excel sheet which included some now sold towers.
      Maybe this is the case with your tower?

      > it away completely). The area it's in is just farmland, so it
      > wouldn't have been torn down to build something else. The only
      > possible theories I have are: 1: There is a cell tower owned by
      > American Tower in the area where the Greenough tower should have

      Gernally the towers will be resused. American Tower uses the
      colocation as an oportunity to dehorn most sites and paint them dull
      grey. There is also one catch. The site could have been sold and the
      tower removed by the new owner who may have only been interested in
      the building. Also most tower permits from the local authorities
      include a clause that the site is to be removed after six months of
      disuse. I've not seen this applied but it is a possibility.

      > been. I wonder if they demolished the AT&T site in favor of a
      > smaller cell tower? Or, 2: I just haven't found it yet. Right now

      Maybe it is 1 & 2? There is one site on a mountain top that
      American Tower dismantled when a Nextel affiliate needed the site.
      What they did was disassemble the old tower, convert the building for
      Nextel Partners and use some of the old tower leg components to build
      some kind of partial rooftop ``structure'' to mount the antenna on. If
      your curious, http://www.telebeans.org, look for AT&T microwave sites,
      then the Virginia sitelist and finally Crozet. Speaking of confusied
      identities I've seen AT&T, the FCC and ATSi refer to the same site as
      either Crozet or Bucks Elbow!

      Parris Wood
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