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Re: AT&T NYC-DC L1 coax route

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  • ozob99
    ... coaxial cable ... Washington ... cable ... repeater huts ... unlike ... assumed ... Much,if not all of the L3 routes in that corridor, & others, used the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 25, 2002
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      --- In coldwarcomms@y..., "Albert LaFrance" <albertjlafrance@c...>
      > I'm working on a proposal for a magazine article about the L1
      coaxial cable
      > which linked New York, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore, and
      > in the mid-late 1940s. Does anyone know the exact route of the
      > in/between any of those metro areas, or if any of the original
      repeater huts
      > are still standing?
      > I believe the cable went pretty much directly downtown-to-downtown,
      > the later avoidance-routing concept which put the cables outside the
      > danger zone for nuclear attacks. For example, my guess is that the
      > DC-Baltimore segment ran along U.S. 1.
      > Thanks,

      Much,if not all of the L3 routes in that corridor, & others, used the
      same ROW ,& even cable , as the orginal L1 route; therefore any
      documentation/maps/markers/repeaters on L3 between those cities should
      provide some answers.There may have been some minor reroutes
      near/within cities due to new conduit,etc.

      In most cases the L cable would be designated the "C" cable between
      city A & city Z, not becuz its coax but that there were already A & B
      cables(for K carrier) existing.

      > Albert
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