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Re: [coldwarcomms] Israeli compromise of U.S. telecommunications?

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  • David Lesher
    ... Well, YMMV. It so happens I ve read the DEA report in question. It fell off the truck into the hands of a journalist friend who wrote about it. He asked
    Message 1 of 21 , Mar 6, 2002
      Unnamed Administration sources reported that Goldsmith, Tim said:
      > The Washington Post dismissal of the so called "Israeli Art Students" story
      > is interesting...
      > Someone has a spin they want to get out.

      Well, YMMV.

      It so happens I've read the DEA report in question. It 'fell off
      the truck' into the hands of a journalist friend who wrote about
      it. He asked me about it a week ago Thursday?Friday.

      I read it and also asked a friend, someone retired from a
      midlevel military CI investigator position. While there are lots
      if interesting tidbits; there were several factors that convinced
      both of us that it was not a IDFI operation. First was the fact
      that there was such a lousy job on the legends; second was another
      factor I'll withhold.

      But it's true it's a major scam, and highly profitable. When you
      buy the equivalent of velvet Elvis's for $3 each and peddle them
      for $50-100; that's good margins.

      BTW, the best part of the report was this. Each field office had
      been asked to report any such activity. 90% came back with some
      description, some highly detailed. Two or three, ones outside
      CONUS, said "not here"..

      But one domestic office, clearly not wanting to be left out,
      reported snatching up an WM AMCIT with a errr ...colorful
      record. He had zippo ties to .il; but dammit, he WAS selling
      cheesy art. Book 'em, Danno.

      As if to reinforce how common a scam the art deal is; that same
      Friday, a blue hair, blue eye'ed Midwestern accent kid showed
      up at my office, and guess what he was selling. Maybe I should
      have interrogated him in Hebrew, but mine is not even at the
      "hello" level...

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