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Technical Reports on Microwave Communications Systems, 1949-1974

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  • Michael Ravnitzky
    TECHNICAL REPORTS ON MICROWAVE COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS, 1949-1974 By Michael Ravnitzky , mikerav@verizon.net The eclectic Government Attic website has published
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2013
      By Michael Ravnitzky , mikerav@...

      The eclectic Government Attic website has published a 197 page listing of
      Technical Reports on the subject of Microwave Communications Systems. The
      listing was released by the Defense Technical Information Center - DTIC.


      The list of reports includes reports written between 1949 and 1975 that were
      designated as Limited Distribution or Classified Confidential or Secret.
      The classification or restrictions are not necessarily current -- most of
      them have not been reviewed in years, and would be released upon formal
      request. The listing does not include unclassified/unlimited -- U/U --
      reports, which would be a more voluminous bibliography.

      There are actually three bibliographies: a lengthy one for MICROWAVE
      COMMUNICATIONS, and shorter ones for COMMUNICATIONS NETWORKS and for
      MICROWAVE RELAY STATIONS. The keywords were selected from the DTIC standard
      keyword Thesaurus, posted here:


      Note: the links within the bibliography point to full copies of some
      reports, but the use of those links is limited to government agencies and
      their contractors. So you can ignore those internal links.

      DTIC does have a set of older documents that are not included in this
      listing: they are the ATI, TIP and older AD- reports that are catalogued on
      manual card catalogue indices. You can get those from DTIC by asking for
      such a search specifically.


      To obtain any of the reports in the bibliography, just send a letter request
      by mail, email or fax, mentioning the Freedom of Information, to

      Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC-R)
      ATTN: FOIA Requester Service Center
      8725 John J. Kingman Road, Suite 0944
      Ft. Belvoir, VA 22060-6218
      FAX: 703-767-9201
      EMAIL: foia@...


      If the report is identified in the bibliography as classified, and you want
      to improve the chances of getting it released, it is better to ask for
      Mandatory Declassification Review instead of mentioning the Freedom of
      Information Act. You are required to choose either one path or the other --
      you cannot use both. For unclassified but limited distribution reports,
      FOIA is preferable. For classified reports, asking for Mandatory
      Declassification Review is much more likely to be successful in obtaining
      the document because MDRs are handled very differently than FOIA requests.

      In general, though, these reports are old enough so that any requests for
      them is likely to be successful.

      FOIA requests should be sent to DTIC.

      MDR requests should reiterate the DTIC bibliographic information for the
      report and should mention that DTIC holds the record. MDR requests should
      be sent to the DoD MDR Contact here:

      Department of Defense
      WHS/ESD Records and Declassification Review
      Attention: Luz Ortiz
      4800 Mark Center Drive
      Suite 02F09-02
      Alexandria. VA 22350-3100

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