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Re: GEPs

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  • Polo Hat
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    Message 1 of 37 , Jun 26 4:46 PM
      On Tuesday, June 25, 2013, OZOB99 wrote:

      > **
      > A couple of comments from a Collins engineer I correspond with,and
      > involved from the gitgo with UHF/MUX gear in ABNCP's:
      > "BTW, a recent post said Looking Glass followed the Presidential plane
      > and did relay for it in the past. That was actually an E-4 Nightwatch
      > mission and was heard on the HF radios in the 70s and 80s routinely.
      > The VC-137 Presidential fleet did not have a full 14-channel MUX. They
      > used four channels on the phones and the AP pool reporter filed most
      > of the info from the plane. Calls were routed thru the White House
      > switchboard. Those were the days when radio listening was a lot more
      > interesting!"
      > Two of the C-137C MUX phone channels were AUTOVON, two were
      > commercial/POTS lines.
      > Just for the record, I wasn't confusing Looking Glass/SAC PACCS with JCS
      > Nightwatch when I made the comments below about Looking Glass sometimes
      > being tasked to provide MUX relay for POTUS.

      > Tim
      > --- In coldwarcomms@yahoogroups.com <javascript:_e({}, 'cvml',
      > 'coldwarcomms%40yahoogroups.com');>, Tim <polohat@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Per a Johnson through Reagan administration Presidential Pilot's
      > > Office airborne communications systems operator, there were occasions
      > > where Looking Glass or one one of the other PACCS planes would be tasked
      > > to leave their normal orbit to
      > > provide MUX support to AF1. Unfortunately, I never asked what the
      > > process was for AF1 to get SAC to do it. SAC & the PACCS program
      > > couldn't have been happy with that (even though it was done to support
      > the
      > > National Command Authority) as they'd then have to reconfigure numerous
      > > orbits to keep their organic UHF links. I recollect being told one
      > > type of occasion where it'd be done is when the presidential aircraft
      > > was descending or on the ground somewhere
      > > out of GEP coverage & needed to keep the MUX circuits running due to
      > > priority traffic.
      > >
      > > Can anyone else verify the Hillsboro GEP info? I could swear some
      > > old, declassified SAC Command Center films from the 1960s which showed
      > > the Emergency Actions Console had Hillsboro listed next to the rotary
      > > dialup for
      > > contacting LG via the Cover All GEP sites.
      > >
      > > The presidential airborne radio ops/communications systems operators
      > > did utilize a map of the USA which had the circles drawn showing the
      > > basic radius of each GEP site assuming a flight level of around
      > > 35,000'. I have one from
      > > I believe the Carter era, and another from the Reagan era, and both do
      > > depict GEP radii for what would be Hillsboro, Lamar, Fairview & Lyons
      > > GEPs. These maps also depict one much larger radius to represent the
      > > normal orbiting
      > > area of Looking Glass.
      > >
      > >
      > > Tim
      > >


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    • David
      On 6/28/13 7:24 AM, Abe G wrote: ... A classic example of how we have $600 hammers & other sweetheart deals. Per a friend who negotiated and oversaw many
      Message 37 of 37 , Jun 30 3:05 AM
        On 6/28/13 7:24 AM, Abe G wrote:


        > The system design document for these services is proprietary, and is
        > owned and maintained by AT&T. The only contractors with access rights to
        > perform maintenance and upgrades to the GEP equipment are AT&T
        > personnel.......

        A classic example of how we have $600 hammers & other sweetheart deals. Per
        a friend who negotiated and oversaw many similar USG contracts: if
        well-written, the contract would have specified that all the intellectual
        property developed/paid for by USG would end up USG property.

        He talked about having such language in there, the revision he'd get back
        would strike it out, he'd put it back in, etc....
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