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Re: [coldwarcomms] Re: Sugar Grove Shuts, Joining Yakima

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  • Frank Helton
    Just to set the working for a living thing straight, Jim - the divide between officer and enlisted was pronounced. So when you referred to me as an
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      Just to set the "working for a living" thing straight, Jim - the divide
      between officer and enlisted was pronounced. So when you referred to me as
      an "officer", I just wanted to make it clear that I was an enlisted man, an
      NCO, not a commissioned officer. That was just a humorous way of putting

      And thanks for your thoughts, John.


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      It's all good. This is the open discussion that our founding fathers
      intended, because as they understood, the truth usually lies somewhere in
      the middle. The "two sides of the aisle" syndrome that the country is
      enduring these days is really not new at all, and it actually still seems to
      be working OK, even if it does seem overblown sometimes.

      At the end of the day, I would not want to be governed by either extreme:
      Having Abbie Hoffman's people running the show would be equally as horrible
      as having Joseph McCarthy's people at the helm. Most of the country,
      thankfully, reside somewhere between those two endpoints, and hopefully the
      most reasonable of them have the important jobs: Making the real decisions
      that count, based on real world knowledge and experience.

      As far as working for a living, I can certainly relate to that. A lot of
      people here worked on things that were truly huge, stuff that they still
      aren't allowed to talk about. Others have such a wealth of technical
      knowledge and skill that I would get an inferiority complex if I wasn't
      insulated by my huge ego :^) Then I remember the old saying: All jobs need
      to be done, and they need to be done well. However small my contribution
      was[1], I am proud to have done something to help advance the technology
      that makes this conversation possible.

      [1] Tending to the more menial aspects of growing and doping amorphous
      silicon, which tends to involve breathing toxic nasties and risking hell
      fire. Trust me, there is a reason we don't do much of that in this country
      anymore. I don't miss trying to teach summer interns the proper handling
      procedures for pyrophoric gasses.

      Jim Bennett
      Speaking from a secure undisclosed location.

      --- In coldwarcomms@yahoogroups.com, "Frank Helton" <f_helton@...> wrote:
      > Not an officer here, Jim, "I worked for a living" per the old saying. I
      > was
      > just a little put off at the time by the "old guard and its befuddled
      > recruits" and "zealous protectors" rhetoric, but no biggie. In hindsight,
      > to have reacted at all was inappropriate for this forum.
      > Frank


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