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Re: underground construction (was: Re: [coldwarcomms] Digest Number 4256

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  • james kester
    As I ve pointed out before, particularly at Mt. Weather,  Spoils , as civil engineer s know; overburden ; tailings- usually an after processed (earth
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 26, 2012
      As I've pointed out before, particularly at Mt. Weather, "Spoils", as civil engineer's know; "overburden"; tailings- usually an after processed (earth drilling qualifies), have to be"wasted" from the removal area somewhere. Desert areas are particularly difficult to detect (meddle east/South/Western Asia) since spoils from ancient excavations have long since eroded away. Churchill was very cognizant of this dilemma, and recognized the futility of protecting the security of supply lines. Anyway, I had suggested that limestone spoils conceivably could have been wasted in existing underground streams or rivers in the Appalachian area.... Certainly, in the meddle east where WMD's or dynamic components thereof, en route to their final site destination, could have been stored. Enter, our invasion (Desert Storm),
      or whichever you choose to identify as a root cause..... I agree with the comment, however there are some hypothetical "intelligence", or lack thereof, questions; which certainly affirm the warranted 1995 invasion/action, irregardless..... 

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      satellite imagery has made it just about impossible to
      do any large scale underground construction in secret.
      the sheer number of birds, the extreme spectra of
      observation, and the compute/storage capability to
      remember EVERYTHING that has been seen and take
      that into account in EVERY analysis is amazing.

      there is no "hiding the tailings" any longer, and it is not
      solely humans who are examining the images today,
      and the computers do not get tired, or even fooled, like
      the humans used to. of course humans are involved,
      but the "all seeing eyes" are a lot more all seeing now.
      most, if not all, of the old tricks do not work any longer.


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