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Greenwood Maine

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  • cpe122
    ... Really. I could see why some might call it North Norway, or Shaw s Ledge. Are you in Maine? Those in the know I think call it by it s rightful name:
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      > Re: [coldwarcomms] Re: Greenwood Pennsylvania

      > I think your right. There is a Greenwood Tower in Maine. It's not
      > called "Greenwood" though, but that's what the locals call it.

      Really. I could see why some might call it North Norway, or Shaw's Ledge. Are you in Maine?

      Those "in the know" I think call it by it's rightful name: West Paris.

      I think this locale was served by Byrant Pond Telephone (the last magneto exchange in North America) up until around the time the tower was built. Homes in on the only road to the site were most definately served by BPT 40 years ago. Some time around the time the microwave site was built, a cable line was constructed right up over the face of Shaws ledge by the Continental Telephone Company (assuming they had already become CTC by that date). The face is so steep that it can't be climbed by a sane person w/o climbing gear (I was in the area at about 18, I tried and couldn't do it w/o going around the "row"). Should still be visible in satellite imagery.

      For the microwave folks; West Paris had both 4 GHz TD-2 and 11GHz TJ radios. This is where the branch route "broke off" to go into the Andover Earth Station from the main route (11GHz was used so not to interfere with the satellite communications lower in the spectrum). I'm not sure, but I think the main route north of West Paris was abandoned very early (while the branch was still in service).

      Northeast of West Paris, the main line route was a "low capacity", diplexed route, but yet carried Autovon traffic to/from the switch at "Dover-Foxcroft" in Sebec. It also is rumored to have carried redundant circuits to the Navy VLF at Cutler, and possibly Combat Ciders traffic to a tower in Lincoln.

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