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  • charlie Fargis
    consume mass quantites of shredded swine flesh bovine meat blob and bovine lactate along the way To: coldwarcomms@yahoogroups.com From:
    Message 1 of 9 , May 28, 2012
      consume mass quantites of shredded swine flesh bovine meat blob and bovine lactate along the way

      To: coldwarcomms@yahoogroups.com
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      Date: Fri, 25 May 2012 08:34:41 +0000
      Subject: [coldwarcomms] Re: Digest Number 4094

      Closest approach to Omps on Highway 68 would be the bend about a mile or so east of Exit 64 - line of sight to Omps is 14.6 mi to the SSW...


      You'll have to zoom back in when the distance calculator app comes up...

      At that point you're sitting just shy of 1000' elevation - Omps is about 2,350' with the intervening Sideling Hill ridgeline at 1,700-1,800' a little more than halfway to Omps...

      Took a Google Street view trip eastbound on that stretch of 68 - there's an awful lot of trees to the south...

      Could be visible - but it's a fairly long shot...

      Omps had a hop WNW to Frostburg as well as two hops NE to Hagerstown and Clear Spring - both of which are well east of the Sideling Cut...

      The only other Long-Lines Radio-Relay station in the area between Frostburg and Omps is Chaneysville to the north in Pennsylvania...

      Don't let yourself get spoiled by GPS - lest you forget about proven Ye Olde Asphalte Compasse technology providing plenty of mile marker and highway exit way-points. These may be easily captured to memory by means of a graphite symbol manipulator stylus applied to a high-reliablity wood-pulp thin-film eraser-able flat screen. These are intuitive devices requiring very little power to operate yet, in the hands of skilled operators, capable of producing high-resolution grey-scale or color graphics images with memory persistence measured in decades (clip-board docking station sold separately)...

      Both complete and working images are stored note-pad style in consectutive order. One may recall any image by simple page manipulation. Images may also be detached and manually transferred to more conventional note-book or file-folder technology - they may even be pasted (or taped) into [onto] any convenient window...

      - waw -

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      > On May 24, 2012, at 5:07 AM, coldwarcomms@yahoogroups.com wrote:


      > > 3a. Sideling Hill, Maryland

      > > Posted by: "David" wb8foz@...

      > > Date: Wed May 23, 2012 12:03 pm ((PDT))

      > >

      > > Coming home from Dayton along I-68, to the south we saw a horned tower in

      > > the distance on the ridgeline. This was well after Frostberg. The road

      > > signage identified it as Siderling Hill, but this was before the famous

      > > Sideling Cut.

      > >

      > > Looking at Map 6; I see nothing. Omps was at least 15 miles away; is it

      > > visble from I-68?


      > i think I have a photo of it - I saw two with horns, one was the

      > square cross-section cement tower and the other a tall thin (guyed?

      > not sure) painted red (orange?) in the distance on a ridge. the

      > concrete tower was very close to the road.


      > >

      > > Wish I had taken a waypoint, but my GPS was stowed at that point. [I was in

      > > a CRX that was so full; the driver had a HP400 stashed under his legs. As

      > > another friend noted "Good thing {driver} didn't buy a 608, instead...]

      > >

      > > Any ideas?

      > >

      > > Disappointed I did not get any visitors while at Dayton. Beautiful blue sky

      > > but wow was Saturday hot. Sunday at least had some clouds. Only CWC related

      > > gear I saw was the guy with the Enigmas.


      > I was looking around for you - kept missing you.


      > The other day upon a stair,

      > I missed a man who says he was there,

      > I missed the man again today

      > I think he was with the General Services Administration


      > :-)


      > doug


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