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Re: 6-tube coax cable to GREEHL RI

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  • ozob99@yahoo.com
    ... that ... Comsat. ... USA ... as ... to ... OK, sounds familiar;unreasonable but reasonable for politics...there was a crash program in the 1970 s to get
    Message 1 of 10 , Nov 5, 2001
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      --- In coldwarcomms@y..., dsandow@g... wrote:
      > >
      > > OK, just seemed strange, I assume there must have been a reason to
      > > make a short section of 6 tube cable;perhaps to interface with
      > > particular TAT cable.
      > Indeed there was a reason.
      > TAT-5 (Greenhill RI) was built during the height of the cable vs.
      > satellite era. Every additional overseas facility had to go through
      > a rigorous adversarial proceeding before the FCC, to "protect"
      > On one side, ATT (proven reliability of cable), the record carriers
      > (data comm was not happy about the round-trip delay of satellite),
      > and DoD (survivability, privacy and round-trip data).
      > On the other side, Comsat (formed in 1964 to evolve the technology
      > invented by ATT with Telstar in 1962), the earth station vendors
      > (looking for overseas sales) and the State Department (which was
      > gung-ho about the international satellite treaties with everybody,
      > and did not want to see USA lose out on its satellite leadership
      > because COMSAT couldn't maintain its dominance if it couldn't get
      > traffic streams onto satellite (at the expense of cable streams)).
      > So the traffic was to be split 50-50, and every Construction
      > Authorization was severly restrictive about how much capacity could
      > be built, equipped, and fired up (not always the same!). The
      > 6-tube entrance link to the cable station was "collateral damage".
      > ATT was only allowed to build as much cable into the cable station
      > was needed to connect to the "authorized" underseas cable. And
      > "unequipped tubes" could not possibly be allowed, since ATT might
      > cheat some day and try to sneak in another underseas cable. No sir,
      > don't build ANYTHING more than we give you permission to build.
      > This same logic prevailed when ATT built its first fiber TAT. It was
      > a 6 strand cable. 2 strands (1 T/R pair) for UK, 2 for France, 2 for
      > protection switching. None for growth.
      > (For historical perspective, the FCC of the late '60s early '70s had
      > not shaken off the momentum from the policies created during the LBJ
      > era - "Remember guys - I own a TV station - go find something else
      > regulate.")

      OK, sounds familiar;unreasonable but reasonable for politics...there
      was a crash program in the 1970's to get thousands of domestic PSN
      circuits rerouted onto satellite just to fill it up for regulatory
      reasons; then later they were rerouted back on L & radio...btw some
      of these circuits were split,transmit & rec, between the bird &
      terrestial,creating tricky echo cancelling schemes.
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