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Re: Warrenton Training Center Transmissions

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  • ozob99@yahoo.com
    ... know (or ... increased or ... 9-11? ... monitoring) ... facility ... attacks. I ... immediately ... OK, thanks;they may be using satellite now for primary
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 31, 2001
      --- In coldwarcomms@y..., albertjlafrance@c... wrote:
      > Good questions! I don't have conclusive answers, but here's what I
      know (or
      > think I know).
      > In a message dated 10/30/2001 9:59:43 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      > ozob99@y... writes:
      > > Anyone know,via monitoring or otherwise,if there has been
      increased or
      > > different type of comms out of the WTC transmitter sites since
      > Recent postings on the Spooks list (devoted to "numbers station"
      > have indicated that the transmissions attributed to the Warrenton
      > were actually on the decrease, or even ended, well before the
      attacks. I
      > say "attributed to" because it's my understanding that conclusive HF
      > direction-finding is surprisingly difficult even when one is
      > adjacent to the transmitter site.

      OK, thanks;they may be using satellite now for primary comms.

      > For those who aren't familiar with the Warrenton Training Center, it
      > of four separate installations in the vicinity of Warrenton, VA.
      Station A
      > is a wooded, campus-like site with scattered low-rise buildings,
      located near
      > downtown Warrenton. It appears to be shut down.
      > Station B, probably the largest in terms of building square footage
      > number of buildings, is atop a small mountain outside Warrenton. It
      > reportedly is used for CIA and State Dept. technology training, and
      for the
      > development and manufacture of surveillance devices. Little can be
      seen from
      > the public road (Rt. 690, Bear Wallow Rd.). There is a tall guyed
      > tower, which has/had microwave links to Stations C and/or D.
      Adjacent to
      > Station B is a facility called "Brushwood", which I think is a
      > conference center.
      > Station C is located near Remington. It consists of a large, open
      field with
      > a huge variety of HF antennas, and one or more small buildings.
      This is
      > reputedly the origin of some of the mysterious "number"
      transmissions. I
      > haven't been there in a couple of years, but at the time of my last
      > Station C appeared to be unmanned, with the gate protected by a CCTV
      > Station D is near Brandy Station. Like C, it is an open field with
      a lot of
      > HF antennas. It has a larger building than C, and a couple of
      > radomes for satcom dishes. Various procurements issued by the State
      > Diplomatic Telecommunications Service identify Station D as the U.S.
      > for overseas leased circuits.
      > The Warrenton sites are interconnected by a dedicated fiber-optic
      > provided by Lightwave Spectrum, Inc., which seems to be a popular
      carrier for
      > the intelligence community. Another LSI cable connects station D
      with a
      > satellite earth station located in a wooded area at the north end of
      > Quantico USMC base. The earth station used to belong to Overseas
      > Telecommunications, Inc.; now I think it's Esatel.
      > > Increased physical security at the sites?
      > >
      > I don't have any recent reports, but as of a year or two ago,
      patrols had
      > begun on the public roads surrounding Stations C and D. I assume
      those are
      > still taking place. Also, I heard that signs had been posted around
      C and D
      > prohibiting photography of these "tourist attractions".
      > > Is the VOA still, or back in, the intel transmitting business?
      > That's something I wasn't aware of at all, though it makes a lot of
      sense for
      > them to be doing it.
      > Albert

      Somewhere I read that CIA and/or State Dept finally admitted that the
      Greenville,NC location at least had been used in the past for
      intel/diplomatic traffic.I wonder if it was on seperate frequencies or
      subcarrier on the VOA channels?...or perhaps code words/messages in
      the VOA traffic?
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