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Re: Visiting AT&T Buckingham VA Project Office & Chatham Big Hole Road

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  • cpe122
    I don t what got my blood pumping more: the three cops that camp flying up to me on the sidewalk outside a Class 1 office and tried to mess with me head and
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      I don't what got my blood pumping more: the three cops that camp flying up to me on the sidewalk outside a Class 1 office and tried to mess with me head and get me to do something stupid, or angry housewives home alone with doverman (and probably shotgun) at rural microwave site(s happened twice).

      I don't want to go to jail; that would be bad for some in my line work. And I don't want to get chewed to bits or peppered with lead (where I come from little lead beads have been know to spontaneous appear under the surface of human skin requiring medical attention to remove).

      And then there was the time I was "detained" by private "enterprise". When you're caught outside your vehicle and they have control of it and you can't leave things can get stressful--and complicated depending on what you've been up to.

      It's been pretty hostile in the last ten years. I'm a LOT more careful than before.

      --- In coldwarcomms@yahoogroups.com, Sam Etler <etler@...> wrote:
      > On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 10:23 PM, Mike Walker <thecloudboy@...> wrote:
      > > seriously, but all the same, people who work at these places have to
      > > realize there's geek like us out there interested in their facilities. I
      > > mean, guys, look: journalists have even been embarked on nuclear subs and
      > > aircraft carriers, and that didn't expose some deep dark secret.
      > >
      > Security people get weird. When AT&T was doing the dog and pony show for
      > their Network Disaster Recovery stuff a few years back in our area my
      > co-worker and I got invited to go tour it. We were bored the day before it
      > was open to non-AT&T people so we drove over to it just to see what was
      > going on. We were walking around outside the fenced in perimeter (it was in
      > a hotel parking lot) taking photos and eventually AT&T security came over
      > and started asking what we were doing. We explained who we were, gave them
      > our names, and said we'd be back tomorrow.
      > In the 25 minutes it took to get back to our office they contacted our
      > account team and told them to tell us to cut it out. We got an amusing call
      > from our account manager who sort of expected us to do something like that
      > basically saying "guys, stop harassing security please". The next day we
      > actually got to go inside the trailers. It was more amusing than anything
      > but I got the impression that if we didn't have a large account name to
      > throw around it might have been a bit more... awkward?
      > And maybe we shouldn't have found a way into the hotel stairwell that had
      > windows overlooking the whole thing to get some nice wide angle shots. Nah..
      > sam
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