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Northwestern Bell & SAC

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  • OZOB99
    Snippet from: www.nebraskahistory.org/histpres/nebraska/douglas/DO09-Northwestern-Bell-Tel.pdf After World War II the needs for strategic civil defense
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      Snippet from:


      "After World War II the needs for strategic civil defense planning and secure defense communications became increasingly vital to national security. For Northwestern Bell, its work with Strategic Air Command (SAC), with its national headquarters south of Omaha at Offutt Air Force Base, became a growing responsibility. SAC requested millions of dollars worth of communication equipment including the famed red telephone. The "red phone" system connected 200 SAC operating locations internationally to the SAC underground command post at Offutt. The phone came to be a symbol of instant global readiness. Northwestern Bell's SAC staff continued to grow throughoutthe Cold War as the complexity of defensive communications increased. In light of the need for instant communication, SAC was also the Bell
      System's first customer to use Touch Tone dialing instead of the standard rotary dialing."

      Scroll down to bottom half of the url for a 1961 photo of SAC comms console; & many Northwestern Bell buildings.
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