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  • OZOB99
    ... Some answers: An informed source thinks FAST TALK was one of the sub-nets SAC had in the 1950s/1960s, specifically, FAST TALK was a system to keep SAC
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      --- In coldwarcomms@yahoogroups.com, "OZOB99" <ozob99@...> wrote:
      > I saw this term in a SWL page & sounded familiar;I thought it was here but nothing in the archive, & no details in quick online search.
      > Was it related to, or aka Giant Talk?
      > This page also mentioned a "white dot message"; with another search yielding no details.
      > Anyone?

      Some answers:

      An informed source thinks

      "FAST TALK was one of
      the sub-nets SAC had in the 1950s/1960s, specifically, FAST TALK was a system to keep SAC CP/Looking Glass in constant contact with SAC sites & their commanders.It basically created the Wing CP's emergency action console,which provided a radio-wire interface between the base
      Commander's Net on VHF & the base's SAC HF network station, UHF
      ground-air radio, PAS, etc.

      It was called FAST TALK because the system was set up in a hurry, and they wanted it mostly HF radio-based because in that era, direct RF was often a faster means than wire-based systems."

      Another reference is this snippet from


      "I was hopeful that someone would mention the Strategic Air Command HF Discones that were used in the SSB Fast Talk Stations on the SAC basis.

      I was at Lockbourn AFB, near Columbus Ohio back in 64 and 65. I was assigned as a Radio Operator. We had three Collins rack mounted SSB radio's, think it was the KWT6's. We had TWO EACH Monster Rhombics, one pointed to Hawaii, the other to Spain. AND TWO MONSTER HF DISCONES.

      The Discones were MUCH LARGER and UPSIDE DOWN from what I've seen here. As I remember they had the Disc ON THE GROUND and the wires that formed the cage went up at a angle and the whole thing was held up with telephone poles. Im not going to try and guess but I'd say at least twice as tall as the pictures at the Titan site.

      And yes I did play with both antenna's, AMAZING is all one can say.

      I remember to this day the sound of 11 Mc channel coming to life in the middle of the night with "SKYKING SKYKING THIS IS LOOKING GLASS WITH A WHITE DOT MESSAGE IN ''X'' PARTS".

      That was the drill for a nuclear attack/strike being sent from the airbourn command post to SAC WORLDWIDE."

      My informed source confirms this on the "White Dot" message:

      "White dot (& other colors) are pre-formatted JCS emergency action messages."

      This color coding tracks with JCS landline comms where I've heard JCSAN routine conference calls beginning with "This is a White Express call for your CINC Duty Officer"; presumably Yellow & Red would be for DEFCON 3,2,1.

      Yet DEFCON color codes are different, with white being DEFCON 1 according to Wikipedia, snippet below:

      "The five DEFCONs, their exercise terms, and their general descriptions are shown below.

      Defense condition Exercise term Description Readiness Color
      DEFCON 5 FADE OUT[3] Lowest state of readiness Normal readiness Blue

      DEFCON 4 DOUBLE TAKE[3] Increased intelligence watch and strengthened security measures Above normal readiness Green

      DEFCON 3 ROUND HOUSE[3] Increase in force readiness above that required for normal readiness Medium readiness Yellow

      DEFCON 2 FAST PACE[3] Further increase in force readiness, but less than maximum readiness War readiness Red

      DEFCON 1 COCKED PISTOL[3] War is imminent. Maximum readiness White"
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