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Re: [Milsurplus] Question(s) about TMC receivers

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  • Nick England
    You can find the STR-5 sales brochure here - http://www.virhistory.com/tmc/tmc_pages/tmc_ssb_db/tmc_ssb_page.htm and the manual here
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 21, 2011
      You can find the STR-5 sales brochure here -
      and the manual here

      Here's my understanding:
      Lots of HF links were fixed frequency - Military and govt. RTTY &
      voice, the airlines overseas SSB channels, weather fax broadcasts,
      etc. So the STR-5 might show up at airports, weather bureaus, local
      and state emergency operations centers, embassies, as well as probably
      more esoteric places. In larger Comm Stations there'd be a separate
      receiver facility which might not be located where the operators were.
      Volume & maybe BFO tuning were remotely controlled.

      Normally they'd just leave a receiver at a particular frequency and
      select among receivers to change channels. A receiver frequency might
      be changed to make a substitute for maintenance purposes or perhaps
      for some frequency changes from summer to winter (just guessing at
      this one).

      FYI - here's a Navy comm station with a wall full of TMC's earlier FFR
      receiver, which was tunable but usually operated in crystal-controlled
      fixed frequency mode.

      Nick K4NYW

      On Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 12:36 PM, <radioman390@...> wrote:
      >  I have a pair of TMC-made  STR-5 "strip" receivers which I hope to
      > sell
      > soon. Basically its a rackmount HF receiver which uses plug-in
      > subassemblies which control the frequency and mode. The plug-ins are
      > rather sophisticated with a big crystal oven and a demodulator section.
      > I've tried to figure out where and how they were used. I assume the
      > receiver/power supply portions were permanently mounted in the
      > operations are, and nearby (maybe under lock and key?) was
      > a rack which contained multiple subassemblies, powered up to keep the
      > ovens hot and the frequency stable. They'd change the plug-ins
      > according to the mission need. Maybe they changed frequencies according
      > to DEFCON levels?
      > So I figure Cheyenne Mountain or maybe a WHCA site, but does anybody
      > know for sure?
      > The TMC website has the receiver listed, but the link to the photo is
      > broken.
      > http://webspace.webring.com/people/st/tmcvintage/index1.html
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