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  • John
    Unfortunately I don t have any records of WGU-20 but I remember that staton fondly. When it came on it was heard widely up and down the east coast and there
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      Unfortunately I don't have any records of WGU-20 but I remember that staton fondly. When it came on it was heard widely up and down the east coast and there was no Internet back then so we had to rely on phone calls and monthly DX club bulletins to try to get a handle on it.

      I sent a reception report to the Defense Civil Preparedness Agency, Washington, DC (that's all I put on the envelope) and a few weeks later got back a really neat WGU-20 QSL card which I had framed in my office for years. About a dozen years ago when a guy at work got a scanner I gave it to him to scan for me so that I could post it on the internet and of course he promptly lost it!

      The QSL was a post card with a logo of what I thought wsa a cowboy on a horse waving his hat with a radio tower in the background with the letters "DIDS" printed across the top. A friend pointed out that it wasn't a cowboy but that it was Paul Revere sounding the alarm which gave us the first inkling of what the station was to be used for. Later we found out that DIDS stood for Decision Information Distribution System and that the station was to serve as a pre and possibly post EBS distribution system. The card went on to say the station was located in Chase, MD and used the worlds first all solid state 50kw transmitter, by Westinghouse.

      The station operated on 179 kHz and even with a 1000'+ tower the Q of the system must have made using amplitude modulation difficult but the audio sounded pretty good on my Drake SW-4A receiver back then.

      If anyone has a copy of the QSL, or any printed WGU-20 info, please let me know.


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      > Hey there folks:
      > Brand-new to the list here. I'm a radio producer and historian based in Los Angeles; I travel the world documenting local and regional broadcasts via shortwave radio. I've also had a lifelong interest in government communications and mystery broadcasts - two forms of radio which were particularly colorful during the Cold War.
      > I'm stopping by to ask if anyone here happened to make any incidental recordings of WGU-20 back in the day... or any other radio broadcasts of note. Part of my work is to restore old recordings and preserve them for posterity, and I'd love to have some Cold War comms to add to the collection.
      > I'm saving the "advertising" for the very end, but if you'd like more information on what I do, check out www.myke.me.
      > Thanks in advance to all!
      > Best -
      > MDW
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