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Re: VeriZon/Bell-Atlantic/C&P ELIMINATING Pentagon 5ESS PNTGVADFDS0

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  • Mark J. Cuccia
    ... [ ... ] ... I recently discovered that VeriZon/BA/C&P had posted another notice (also dated Thursday 11-March-2010) at their
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2010
      Back on Thursday 11-March-2010, I had posted:

      > "VeriZon/Bell-Atlantic/C&P ELIMINATING Pentagon 5ESS PNTGVADFDS0"
      > I took a look at VeriZon's regulatory/network/tariff/etc. section of
      > their website to see if any of THEIR three (JUST THREE) remaining 1As
      > (in Bell Atlantic/C&P territory -- one in Baltimore MD, one in
      > Richmond VA, and the third in Norfolk VA) are finally going to be
      > replaced with digital offices ....

      [ ... ]

      > and came across THIS network disclosure, ALSO dated today, Thursday
      > 11-March-2010, http://www22.verizon.com/regulatory/pdf/ND10-0001.pdf
      > also issued as part of "SHORT TERM PUBLIC NOTICE UNDER RULE 51.333(A)".
      > Note though, that for at&t/MI-Bell, the FCC rule number is 51.329(a).

      > Implementation Date: Commencing June 2010
      > Planned Network Change Will Occur at the Following Virginia Location:
      > The Pentagon
      > 100 Boundary Channel Drive
      > Arlington VA 22202
      > Description of the Planned Network Change:
      > The Pentagon 5ESS end office switch (PNTGVADFDS0), located at the
      > Pentagon, in Arlington VA will be retired and removed from service
      > after all traffic served by this switch is migrated to alternative
      > serving arrangements in nearby Verizon central offices. The existing
      > point codes in the Pentagon 5ESS are available from Verizon upon
      > request. They will be rehomed to nearby Verizon central offices
      > starting in June 2010 and completing in July 2010.
      > Description of Reasonably Foreseeable Impact of the Planned Change:
      > Carriers directly connected to this switch, if any, will need to make
      > alternative arrangements to connect to the new serving Verizon switches.
      > All carriers will need to make appropriate adjustments to call routing
      > in accordance with changes to be published in the LERG.

      > The following seven 703-NXX c.o.codes are presently associated with
      > PNTGVADFDS0 5ESS, part of the Washington Zone 8 VA ratecenter:
      > 703-545,571,614,692,693,695,697

      I recently discovered that VeriZon/BA/C&P had posted another notice
      (also dated Thursday 11-March-2010) at their regulatory/tariff/network-related
      section of their website, but in a different section for such items,
      and it gives dates, switch/CLLIs, and 703-NXX codes involved:


      March 11, 2010

      Audience: CLEC, Reseller, ISP, IXC, Wireless

      Subject: Retirement of Pentagon 5ESS (PNTGVADFDS0) Switch

      Please be advised that the Pentagon 5ESS end office switch (PNTGVADFDS0)
      will be retired and removed from the Verizon network. Following
      decommissioning, the codes served by this switch will be served by five
      (5) surrounding local Verizon central office switches.

      General Information:

      The existing codes in the Pentagon 5ESS are:
      703-692, 703-693, 703-571, 703-614, 703-695, 703-545, and 703-697.

      These point codes will be rehomed to nearby Verizon central offices as

      [mjc's comment...
      the above sentence is not worded correctly! What are being "re-homed"
      to (other) nearby VZ c.o.switches are not really SS7 Point Codes, but
      rather 703-NXX central office codes! SS7 Point Codes are associated
      with a specific c.o.switch, not really NPA-NXX c.o.codes. If a c.o.switch
      is being replaced with a different one with new switching equipment,
      there will be a change in the SS7 Point Code, even if all
      "default/traditionally/legacy" assigned NPA-NXX-t c.o.codes are still
      to remain the same w/r/t that old/new c.o.switch]

      Arlington VA
      SS7 Point Code 246-182-009
      Cutover Date: Monday 07-June-2010

      Crystal City VA
      SS7 Point Code 246-182-012
      Cutover Date: Monday 21-June-2010

      Barcroft VA
      SS7 Point Code 246-182-047
      Cutover Dates:
      Monday  28-June-2010 (695)
      Tuesday 06-July-2010 (545)

      Cameron VA
      SS7 Point Code 246-182-005
      Cutover Dates:
      Monday 12-July-2010 (693)
      Monday 19-July-2010 (571)

      Burgundy VA
      SS7 Point Code 246-182-004
      Cutover July 26, 2010

      Product: 5ESS

      100 Boundary Channel Drive,
      Arlington VA 22202

      Time Frame:
      Migration will commence in June. The rehomes will occur on a CO by CO
      basis. The second code rehome will follow two weeks after the first.
      Thereafter, a code rehome will occur every week until completed in July.
      Exact dates are stated above and appropriate changes will be updated in
      the LERG.

      Network Changes and Trunk Rearrangements:
      For inquiries related to the proposed network reconfiguration, or to
      arrange a meeting with Verizon Network Engineering and Planning
      personnel, please contact your Verizon Account Manager.

      Note that ALL of the 703-NXX c.o.codes involved, as well as the location
      of the c.o.switches taking over these Pentagon 703-NXX c.o.codes, are
      all located in the "Washington Zone 08 VA" ratecenter, aka "Alexandria-Arlington".
      Also, not only is the retiring "Pentagon" c.o.switch a 5ESS, but all of
      the Alexandria/Arlington switches involved which are taking over the
      various "Pentagon" 703-NXX c.o.codes are also WECO/Lucent/Alcatel 5ESS switches.

      Mark J. Cuccia
      markjcuccia at yahoo dot com
      Lafayette LA, formerly of New Orleans LA pre-Katrina
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