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RE: [coldwarcomms] question re: sigint at Area 51 and NSA files

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  • Albert LaFrance
    Sharon, My understanding - and you re probably ahead of me on this - is that government UFO investigations (e.g. the Air Force s Project Bluebook ) were never
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      My understanding - and you're probably ahead of me on this - is that
      government UFO investigations (e.g. the Air Force's "Project Bluebook") were
      never seriously concerned with the possibility of extraterrestrial threats,
      but rather were intended to collect the public's sightings of secret US
      and/or Soviet aircraft. I've just read bits and pieces about it, but you
      might want to research that theme as a possible tie-in between the "kooky"
      UFO stuff and serious Cold War issues.

      And speaking of the kooky side, a good introduction can be had in Richard
      Sauder's "Underground Bases and Tunnels".



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      Subject: [coldwarcomms] question re: sigint at Area 51 and NSA files

      Dear Coldwar Comm-ers
      I know this sounds crazy but I am gathering info for a book I plan to write
      in a couple of years about the Continuity of Gov't Project. One chapter is
      going to be about ordinary American's perceptions, speculations,
      reconstructions of what goes on in these secure bunkers.

      There will be a chapter exploring the whole UFO community -- including a
      discussion of the activities of the once-reputable Daniel Sheehan (who long
      ago represented the family of Karen Silkwood.) Apparently he is now an
      attorney for the "Disclosure Project" which alleges a gov't coverup, esp at
      NSA, about gov't eenergy systems based on alien technology. The idea is that
      the gov't doesn't want to release the information since it would destroy our
      petroleum based economy. The alien technology is apparently something like
      the a frictionless perpetual motion engines..

      I have the complete set of records regarding the CIA's ufo disinformation
      campaign regarding the weather balloon crash at Roswell. But does anyone on
      this list have further information about NSA or Sandia Labs?

      I know there is a connection between the UFO sightings and the SR-17. But
      even in James Bamford's books there is very little.

      Sharon Ghamari

      Sharon Ghamari-Tabrizi
      Author of "The Worlds of Herman Kahn: the intuitive science of thermonuclear
      war" (Harvard University Press, 2005)
      Author website: www.sharonghamari.com

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