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Didn't anybody tell him the cold war was over? Another submarine story--oh no...

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  • sharroldgc
    It said, U212 / U214 Attack Submarines, Germany The U212 submarine is capable of long-distance submerged passage to the area of operation. The German Navy has
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      It said,

      U212 / U214 Attack Submarines, Germany

      The U212 submarine is capable of long-distance submerged passage to
      the area of operation. The German Navy has ordered four of the submarines.

      The Type 212 is being constructed by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH
      (HDW) of Kiel and Thyssen Nordseewerke GmbH (TNSW) of Enden. HDW is
      responsible for the bow sections and TNSW for the stern section. HDW
      is assembling the first and third vessels, TNSW the second and fourth.
      U31, the first of class, was launched in March 2002 and commissioned
      in October 2005.
      Article continues

      "The U212 submarine is capable of long-distance submerged passage to
      the area of operation."

      The second, U32, was launched in December 2003 and was also
      commissioned in October 2005. The third, U33, was launched in
      September 2004 and commissioned in June 2006. U34 was launched in July
      2005 and is scheduled for delivery by the end of 2006.

      In September 2006, the German Navy ordered two further U212
      submarines, to be delivered in 2012/2013. The new vessels will have
      improved network-centric communications, combat system and sensors.

      Two U212 submarines are being built by Fincantieri for the Italian
      Navy. The first, S526 Salvatore Todaro, was launched in November 2003
      and was commissioned in June 2005. The second, Scire, was launched in
      December 2004 and will commission in 2007.


      The Type 212 is equipped with a highly integrated command and weapons
      control system which interfaces with sensors, weapons and navigation
      system. The system is based on a high-performance databus and a
      distributed computer system, the Basic Command & Weapons Control
      System (Basic CWCS) supplied by Konsberg Defence & Aerospace of Norway
      under the trade name MSI-90U.


      There are six torpedo tubes in two groups of three. Type 212 is
      equipped with a water ram expulsion system for torpedo launch. The
      submarine is equipped with the DM2A4 heavyweight torpedo weapon system
      from Atlas Elektronik.


      EADS Systems & Defence Electronics and Thales Defence Ltd have been
      awarded a contract to develop the FL1800U electronic warfare system
      for the German and Italian Navies' U212 submarines. The 1800U is a
      submarine version of the FL1800 S-II which is in service on the
      Brandenburg and Bremen Class frigates.

      A consortium lead by ATLAS Elektronik and ELAC are responsible for the
      development of the TAU 2000 torpedo countermeasures system. TAU 2000
      has four launch containers, each with up to ten discharge tubes
      equipped with effectors.
      "There are six torpedo tubes on the U212."

      The effectors are small underwater vehicles, similar in appearance to
      a torpedo. The effectors are jammers and decoys with hydrophones and
      acoustic emitters. Multiple effectors are deployed in order to counter
      torpedoes in re-attack mode.


      The submarine is equipped with an integrated DBQS sonar system which
      has: cylindrical array for passive medium-frequency detection; a TAS-3
      low-frequency towed array sonar; FAS-3 flank array sonar for low- /
      medium-frequency detection; passive ranging sonar; and hostile sonar
      intercept system. The active high-frequency mine detection sonar is
      the Atlas Elektronik MOA 3070.

      The search periscope is the Zeiss Optronik SERO 14 with optical
      rangefinder, thermal imager and global positioning system. The Zeiss
      SERO 15 attack periscope is equipped with laser rangefinder.


      The propulsion system combines a conventional system consisting of a
      diesel generator with a lead acid battery, and an Air-Independent
      Propulsion (AIP) system, used for silent slow cruising, with a fuel
      cell equipped with oxygen and hydrogen storage. The system consists of
      nine PEM (Polymer Electrolyte Membrane) fuel cells, providing between
      30kW and 50kW each.

      For higher speeds, connection is made to the high-performance lead
      acid battery. An MTU 16V-396 diesel engine powers the generator from
      Piller GmbH for charging the battery installed on the lower of the two
      decks at the forward section of the submarine.
      "The 214 submarine is a further improvement on the Type 212."

      The diesel generator plant is mounted on a swinging deck platform with
      double elastic mounts for noise and vibration isolation. The propeller
      motor is directly coupled to the seven-bladed screwback propeller.

      TYPE 214

      HDW has developed the Type 214 submarine, which is a further
      improvement on the Type 212. The Greek Navy has ordered three Type 214
      submarines. The first, Papanikolis (S120), was built at the HDW Kiel
      shipyard and was launched in April 2004. It is scheduled to commission
      in 2006.

      Hellenic Shipyards will build the second (Pipinos S121) and third
      (Matrozos 122) vessels at Skaramanga, for commission in 2008-09.
      Hellenic Shipyards was acquired by HDW in May 2002. A fourth vessel,
      Katsonis (S123), was ordered by Greece in June 2002 and is expected to
      commission in 2010.

      South Korea has also ordered three Type 214, to enter service in 2007,
      2008 and 2009. These are being built by Hyundai Heavy Industries. The
      first, to be called Admiral Sohn Won-il, was launched in June 2006.
      the submarines will form the KSS2 Class.

      The Type 214 will have an increased diving depth of over 400m, due to
      improvements in the pressure hull materials. Hull length is 65m and
      displacement 1,700t. Four of the eight torpedo tubes will be capable
      of firing missiles.

      Type 214 submarines for the Hellenic Navy will be armed with the WASS
      (Whitehead Alenia Sistemi Subaquei) Black Shark heavyweight torpedo.
      The Black Shark is a dual-purpose, wire-guided torpedo which is fitted
      with Astra active / passive acoustic head and a multi-target guidance
      and control unit incorporating a counter-countermeasures system. It
      has an electrical propulsion system based on a silver oxide and
      aluminium battery.
      "The Type 214 will have an increased diving depth of over 400m."

      Performance of the AIP system has been increased with two Siemens PEM
      fuel cells which produce 120kW per module and will give the submarine
      an underwater endurance of two weeks. A hull shape which has been
      further optimised for hydrodynamic and stealth characteristics and a
      low-noise propeller combine to decrease the submarine's acoustic

      The Integrated Sensor Underwater System ISUS 90, from ATLAS Elektronik
      integrates all sensors, command and control functions on board the
      submarine. BAE Systems provides the Link 11 tactical data link. The
      sensor suite of the U214 submarine consists of the sonar systems, an
      attack periscope and an optronic mast. The submarine's electronic
      support measures system and global positioning system sensors are also
      installed on the optronic mast.

      Are we in troble? Does anybody know this jargon? Can you decyper
      please? It Sounds good. It is well written...

      Now it had pictures ok? So I said, print the submarines. Five of them.
      This pop up menu came up and flashed, ever so quickly,"Department of
      Defense; Restricted....something" and went off. You had to have a
      photgraphic mind just to see it! It just flickered. So i said, they
      are not going to let me have these pictures. The German Department of
      Defense don't like me. So, I said, lets go looks for maps. So I'm over
      in maps. 20 minutes later...my printer starts printing--by itself. It
      took them that long to check my ISP number, give me clearence from
      Germany, and they said, "Oh it's him. Give him the damn pictures!"

      Now anybody can get them,they didn't know anybody was interested. put
      them on your wall, Awfully nice, they look better than a Mercedes
      Benz, more curverlinear, better steel.Durable.

      Now they sold two to Japan. Two to Greese. Two to Iran(just kidding
      you Germans).
      Now this is 2007. In 2017 there will be a few, but in 2027--there are
      going to be a bunch of damn sun=bmariens out there! They are starting
      to get popular! You just can't keep the Germans down! The Sats. will
      be busy. Looking for signature wakes, the shipping lanes will be
      interesting again. An oil tanker will probably run over one from
      somebody who don't even know how to drive! s
      Look down past all the other Naval Warfare stuff--Minesweepers, ect.
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