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Re: [coldwarcomms] bunker rumor

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  • Declared Hostile
    rgates8254@aol.com wrote: The Reagan admin figured out that most everybody knew where all the ... Interesting you should mention that. A few weeks ago I was
    Message 1 of 32 , Jun 1, 2007
      rgates8254@... wrote:
      The Reagan admin figured out that most everybody knew where all the
      > so called super secret bunkers were and switched to a mobile mode model.
      > Some
      > of the large white FEMA semi's that are now used in various disasters for
      > communications and everything else were developed then at a classified
      > level
      > as a way to deploy leadership away from areas that would get hit.

      Interesting you should mention that. A few weeks ago I was discussing
      something that may be related with some friends and family members.

      Back in the early to mid 80s in Iowa, Missouri and Illinois everyone had
      observed some of the same vehicles that I had. They were several white
      semi tractor trailer rigs with box trailers which traveled together and
      seemed to have a couple of vans or cars sometimes following them. The
      thing about the tractor trailers was that they were painfully plain and
      ordinary. They stood out because they were just too ordinary and
      because they were traveling in a pack.

      Now also about this time we also began to see these same types of
      tractors but instead of box trailers, they were pulling what appeared to
      be tarped wagon type trailers that would be commonly be used to haul
      grains. These would also be running around in a convoy of 3 to 6 rigs
      painfully ordinary, new, well maintained vehicles that stood out like
      sore thumbs.

      Both types you tended to see more in the overnight hours. A couple of
      the box trailers were moving van type with a “belly” that you didn't see
      very often outside of moving vans back then. I remember seeing them
      quite a few different times through the 80s especially in the early 80s
      and into the mid 80s. A couple of people said they noticed seeing
      them when international tensions increased so they thought they might be
      government related. It was mostly shrugged off as "more of those white
      trucks running around"

      I'd never thought about it as I got older but now I wonder if they
      weren't the Mobile Alert Headquarters (or whatever it was back then) or
      some part of a COG related program.

    • John Flood
      Many people confuse the E-4B as being AF1 - and around the time they were filming the movie Air Force One the 747 used in the film, marked with identical
      Message 32 of 32 , Jun 15, 2007
        Many people confuse the E-4B as being AF1 - and around the time they were
        filming the movie "Air Force One" the 747 used in the film, marked with
        identical livery to the real plane was seen at several airports around the
        country prompted claims of a "third" AF1 aircraft. As a vet of flying on the
        E-4B more times than I remember, people claimed we were "AF1" - if it got us
        a better room or better chow of course we would agree. LOL//j o h n

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        AOL sucks in terms of interjecting responses inside postings, so I'll do the
        best I can with this.

        In a message dated 5/31/2007 10:22:39 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
        rgates8254@... <mailto:rgates8254%40aol.com> writes:

        Hi Tim,
        The story about Zbig is not a rumor but true...that was a darling of a
        screw up.
        The bottom line is if a real attack comes, there seems to be some hesitancy
        (because the thought is so fantastic and not something thought about on a
        basis) that people don't want to MOVE... including VIPs.


        Which is why we did & do have personnel who under the right conditions have
        NCA powers, already at 'black' bunkers & mobile platforms. The major
        strategic threats know this.

        Look at 911. When
        Bush was reading to the kids, and an aide tells him that the country is
        being attacked
        he kept reading till he was told a second time. All sorts of theories about
        that one,
        but I suspect that he was not expecting that and it took him time to absorb

        I suspect your suspicions are quite wrong. First notification seemed to be
        that a commercial plane struck a WTC tower. He took rapid action ("We're at
        war") after being informed a few min later that a second plane struck the
        other WTC tower -- clearly not needing time to "absorb" the implausibility
        of a
        coincidence or accident.

        Then they fly to the bunker at Barksdale, then off to the old SAC bunker at
        The news footage of that was rich. Here is the parade of VIPs and press
        racing down
        a road, the motorcade stops and what appears to be a public park and the
        press film
        people going into what looks like a very small outhouse looking/storage type
        but its really one of the entrances to the bunker. Security...Burp!b

        *Your* take on it, or mine, don't necessarily equate to a security faux
        pass, no matter what sort of picture you try to belch out. If you thought
        grassy area & missile displays in front of the USSTRATCOM HQ looked like a
        public park, and the STRATCOM Underground's alternate ingress/egress looked
        an outhouse, so be it, but I'm not sure what damage
        was done. I haven't seen that video for years, and I'm not going to assume
        you're correct about the media pool going in, but if they did, it's not like
        they had the run of the place, and I suppose I'd be happy if some did get to
        go inside & document some of the event.

        Interestingly if the country had been under serious nuclear attack, Offutt
        and Barksdale
        would probably be the last place I would fly POTUS to because they would
        be targets themselves.

        Well, they decided pretty quickly --correctly-- that it was neither a
        serious nuclear attack, nor a non-serious nuclear attack, hence the desire
        to get
        mobile & away from the area he was scheduled to be in & to a relavtively
        (i.e. no nuclear war concern) place with better comms connectivity than AF1
        at the time. So I have no clue why you're bringing up the 9/11 events...

        Some of the Reagan era COG stuff came from people I know when I was working
        on a cold war history project and they also confirmed details from the CNN
        Publicly there was a CNN special called Doomsday government or something

        My VHS copy of the "Doomsday Government" CNN Special Assignments documentary
        which the producer gave me (with some cool outtakes like some extra footage
        of Mt Weather, et al). is dated 17 November, 1991, which is when the 1 hour
        feature first aired. Somehow the producer tracked me down while they were
        working on it & I provided a very minor, very unclassified, somewhat
        open-source contribution to that documentary. My contribution did not deal
        with COG.
        CNN's feature was pretty much based on a 7 August 1989 US News & World
        cover-story by Steven Emerson titled 'America's Doomsday Project,' &
        many cost-overruns, system failures, and malfeasance related to sole-source
        bidders were found (mostly found by the gov't itself, not the media).

        As I recall that TV special mentioned how COG was
        using some of the old SAGE buildings (at least the underground parts) for
        and many COG related items.

        I'll be careful here because I haven't watched the video in many years, but
        my recollection contradicts yours. I recall that during a COG test, the old
        SAGE structure at Malmstrom AFB was used as a COG site & there were problems
        with strategic C3,I, with it being reported that in one instance, due to no
        connectivity over at least one special circuit, a POTS or AUTOVON line was
        used. As I said to you before, one of the main purposes of a test is to find
        deficiencies, which they certainly did. I'm not able to factually articulate
        what corrections & improvements may have been made as a result of that test.
        Are you?

        The identical twin of AF 1 at a field in Virginia was actually covered in a
        news story, quite
        awhile ago. It has its own hanger, that is guarded on an otherwise public
        As I recall the article appeared in the Virginia Pilot. I will try and run
        down a copy
        and get the info out. There is several stories from AF people that there is
        a third plane identical to the first two.
        I goofed on the tail numbers, one is 28000 and the other is 29000, but they
        are identical in every other respect. People on the inside referred to as a
        but tell me it is/can be used on some missions.

        I am still waiting for you to re-locate the article that made the claim.
        When you use "AF 1," what airframe type are you specifically referring to,
        VC-25s (747s?). It's a common-sense, common-knowledge thing that for
        high-priority tasks, there is a back-up.
        If the aircraft being used as AF1 is on of the two VC-25As, the back-up bird
        might be the other VC-25A, or it might be a smaller aircraft. You don't
        have to rely on any "insider" to find out that VC-25As 92-8000 & 92-9000 are
        both used as Air Force One. Frankly Robert, if someone is telling you that
        one is a "decoy," I think they're messing with you. Both of those VC-25As
        based at Andrews AFB, &
        usually parked in a nice, big, obvious hangar there. I wonder why no one
        but you seems to be aware of an identical VC-25A, complete with "UNITED
        STATES OF AMERICA" & the Presidential Seal on the sides is hidden at a
        airport in
        Virginia? Trivia question: How many public airports in Virginia are set up
        runway lengths capable of handling a VC-25A take-off & landing? How many of
        those that do also have a hangar to 'hide' a VC-25A in?

        Having AF 1 land and plug into the hard wire network was something that was
        rather remarkable during Reagn , but now is not. As a rule, so people in
        the AF tell me,
        AF 1 can plug into anything on the ground.

        Huh? Most of the SAM aircraft have been able to plug-in to landlines since
        at least the early 1970s.

        You are probably familiar with HMX 1? mission of going into DC after the
        bomb went off and searching
        for VIP survivors blah blah blah. I recall an article mentioning that a
        number of years ago.

        I'm pretty sure you're getting USMC's HMX-1 confused with the USAF's former
        2857th Test Group, first based at Olmsted AFB in PA & then Dover AFB DE
        the unit was disbanded. If you've seen an article mentioning HMX-1 doing
        that sort of thing, please add it to your list of articles to try to dig up

        Bottom line, as Zbig found out, if the alert button was pushed out of the
        blue, it would be a total screw
        up getting off the ground, much less getting VIPs out of town before
        something nasty happened.

        It's a little reassuring to know that there'd be so many screw-ups, it's
        unlikely anyone with a capability to do so would arbitrarily decide to
        Emergency War Orders.

        My bottom line however is that I think a lot of what you state as fact is


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