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Fw: Cold War Missile Numbers "De-re-classified"

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  • Albert LaFrance
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      Subject: Cold War Missile Numbers "De-re-classified"

      > National Security Archive Update, October 11, 2006
      > UPDATE: Cold War Missile Numbers "De-re-classified"
      > http://www.nsarchive.org/NSAEBB/NSAEBB197
      > For more information contact:
      > William Burr/Thomas Blanton - 202/994-7000
      > Washington, DC, October 11, 2006 - On September 26, 2006, the Department of Defense's Washington
      Headquarters Services duly released, as a result of an administrative appeal, unredacted versions of
      1971 charts depicting U.S. strategic force levels first published in a public report by Secretary of
      Defense Melvin Laird. This was, as it should have been, a routine decision to correct a mistake.
      Pentagon reviewers had previously treated the charts, which included numbers of U.S. strategic
      missiles and bombers, among other weapons systems, as classified documents. Whether officials at the
      Defense Department and the Department of Energy will respond to pending appeals by releasing
      comparable non-classified information from other excised documents remains to be seen.
      > "We've always known about overclassification, since even the Bush administration admits that 50%
      of what is classified should not be," commented Archive director Thomas Blanton. "But
      reclassification of previously public data crossed the line into absurdity, and now our protests
      have established a whole new feature of the secrecy system: de-re-classification!"
      > The unredacted charts are now available on the Web site of the National Security Archive:
      > http://www.nsarchive.org/NSAEBB/NSAEBB197
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