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REPOST: [coldwarcomms] Western Union & Mt Weather

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  • Albert LaFrance
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      Subject: Re: [coldwarcomms] Western Union & Mt Weather

      > Well there is lotsa genral information about these things. I mean those
      > of us who have worked for the government or contractors know that a lot
      > of the stuff is duller than films, movies and imagination make them.
      > Another interesting thing is the network we used sprung out of all the
      > coldwar stuff. In fact, the reason that it is hard to really fully kill
      > spam, or make the net totally kid safe or whatever the current bugaboo,
      > is because it wasn't designed to be reasonly controlled. It was supposed
      > to be used after the great nuclear war, which luckily hasn't happened.
      > Uh, remember that was another that was said to "not a matter of if but
      > when" sort of topic. Overall this design has worked and made an
      > interestring if somewhat anarchistic network. It is interesting that
      > things designed for nuclear war protection like those fallout shelters
      > ofter made/still make good natural disaster shelters. So it's not all
      > bad or scary Of course I wonder if Adam Curtis who did the BBC 3 part
      > series "The Power of Nightmares" is correct in saying that just as the
      > overly optimistic beliefs of the past weren't true and faded the
      > "Terrorism Nightmares" will fade too. Only time will tell.
      > Have Fun,
      > Sends Steve
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