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REPOST: [coldwarcomms] Western Union Bomb Alarm System

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  • Albert LaFrance
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      Subject: Re: [coldwarcomms] Western Union Bomb Alarm System

      > There's a brochure about the system and the U.S. patent for the detector, including a detailed
      > description of its operation, at http://coldwar-c4i.net/index.html#BombAlarm .
      > The detector was an optical sensor, responding to the double flash which is a signature of an
      > atmospheric nuclear detontation. The implementation plan called for multiple detectors to be
      > installed far enough (in the range of 15-30 miles, I think) outside the target city that the
      > and their connecting landlines would be protected from the worst blast effects.
      > Albert
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      > Subject: [coldwarcomms] Western Union Bomb Alarm System
      > This seems to be a fairly elusive system. Historically is seems
      > significant as JFK called for it in one of his speeches and the the
      > DoD considered it a top priority in 1959. I believe the
      > Telecommunications Service Priority regulations still refer to it, yet
      > I have never seen a map of the system or photo of any of the
      > components.
      > Recently on a Google search I noticed the Western Union Alumni web
      > site lists a technician, Chuck Jones, that worked in the "Bomb Alarm
      > Room" in Indianapolis and Omaha. See:
      > http://www.westernunionalumni.com/names.htm
      > Does anyone know Chuck or for that matter anyone that worked on the
      > system? Ditto on maps or photos.
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