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  • Albert LaFrance
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      > Albert writes
      > >
      > > A visitor to my Long Lines web site is thinking about buying an Incinolet electric toilet, and
      > > like to hear the experiences of anyone who has installed, maintained or used one. If you have
      > > comments you'd like to share, please let me know and I'll pass them along.
      > There are a few issues with Incinolets (besides the 2 kWh per use they
      > consume). Basically it comes down to educated users and regular
      > maintenance. I have one at my site and another at a site I frequent. One
      > issue is making certain that the appropriate combustible, waterproof
      > liner is used so that your little deposit slides down into the burning
      > box without leaving any behind. You may wish to instruct users to spray
      > down the "chute" with a suitable liquid to clear any residue. A spray
      > bottle of dilute bleach will kill bacteria on those surfaces that don't
      > get hot enough to cook them. The second issue is that you do need to
      > disassemble the fan every few years to clear the soot from it, otherwise
      > it won't be a very effective fan. The last is that most of these leak,
      > due to people having jammed things in them over the years and bent the
      > sheet metal. A few minutes with a mallet straightening things out so
      > that the bent pieces close properly will reduce the smell. Oh, and be
      > sure to empty the ash regularly, that's not automatic.
      > --
      > David Josephson
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