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Re: [coldwarcomms] Former AT&T Microwave towers put to use as

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  • blitz
    Music sites were verboten, we used Realaudio internally, and couldn t download it, OR the players. Winblows video was not used though we were stuck being a
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 4, 2006
      Music sites were verboten, we used Realaudio internally, and couldn't
      download it, OR the players. Winblows video was not used though we
      were stuck being a windows operation. I trans-coded many a file both
      ways to fit the computer.
      Even then, the crap Dell servers, with all the "designed to be
      secure" DMZ, filtering etc. prevented any reasonable speeds. I
      managed video teleconferencing, and had 6 slots of a T1 for the
      conferences, most days we needed half an hour to get thru Drainsville
      and into ATT master control. The system was designed when a T1 was fast. cof..
      In trying to find out why the connectivity issues, I found I never
      put any appreciable load on the T-span, it was all downstream. ATT
      would just stick their head in the sand whenever I questioned them.

      At 13:24 9/4/2006, you wrote:
      >Hey, let's be fair now......
      > Not everyone was downloading the jokes & music..
      > Some are still into printed matter, and cassette tapes.
      > And it's actually an administrative privilege, not an enginering problem.
      > Heaven forbid an engineer cause a problem. Particulary, an IT or comm
      > engineer.
      > Has anyone really ever thought about the dynamics of restricted
      > information and communications access? Like they always said,
      > the most dangerous appliance you have is your com radio.
      >ie. extension to a laptop with SDR.
      >Sheldon Daitch <sheldondaitch@...>
      >wrote: Sounds like
      >an engineering problem. I suppose if
      > every agency had DSL or a cable modem at every
      > employee's desk, they'd match your home speed, too,
      > wouldn't they?
      > When our system traffic load was down on our agency
      > LAN in DC, I could see download speeds over 11 meg and
      > upload speeds over 7 meg with SpeakEasy SpeedTest,
      > when I was in DC. When everyone was trying to
      > download all the new morning jokes or log into their
      > favorite music source, things would slow down.
      > I must have missed out on the free lap tops, internet
      > service and telephone service. I could get an agency
      > lap top if I needed one for travel. And yes, I could
      > get to my email account 24/7 from the outside world,
      > but unless I was on travel status, I had to pay for
      > that access via my personal account.
      > --- blitz <blitz@...> wrote:
      > > Haha...but with HALF the Internet blocked, and
      > > speeds of a T1 rivaling a 56k
      > > dialup...sure....been there, done that. My cable
      > > modem goes faster than what their T1's.
      > > NOT Surprisingly, the more "advanced" the agency
      > > the worse their system performance.....my sister
      > > works in county gooberment, and their system
      > > smokes, and they share their T1 with everyone, every
      > > department.
      > >
      > >
      > > At 12:26 9/3/2006, you wrote:
      > > >or, you can just go to work for the government &
      > > get all of your internet
      > > > service & telephone services for free at the
      > > expense of the taxpayer.
      > > > they usually hand out laptop and fobs like candy
      > > as well, so then you can
      > > > play anytime 24 x 7 instead of the normal 8
      > > hours.
      > > >
      > > > i think school teachers now have the same access
      > > too.
      > > >
      > > > God Bless America!! What A Country!!
      > > >
      > > > I'll never go back to Mexico or the Baltic!!
      > >
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