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Baton Rouge LA (re: Yellow Cabs' Phone Numbers)

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  • Mark J. Cuccia
    NOTE... to the Yahoo:Coldwar Group, this is a followup to what I posted earlier today to several other Yahoo Groups (and a non-Yahoo email list) regarding the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2006
      NOTE... to the Yahoo:Coldwar Group, this is a followup to what I
      posted earlier today to several other Yahoo Groups (and a non-Yahoo
      email list) regarding the telephone numbers used by Yellow Cabs in
      many communities. Most places in the US/Canada which have a Yellow
      Cabs franchise, have the phone number ending in "-xx11" or even
      "-1111". I posted something about Yellow Cabs in Baton Rouge LA,
      and how their telephone number changed some years ago. In this
      followup, I also include some specific central-office switch
      information about the Baton Rouge "Main" and "Goodwood" buildings,
      including a mention about the still-standing Microwave tower at
      Baton Rouge "Main". This is further down in this post, although the
      earlier part of this post re-hashes other info about Baton Rouge
      (and Yellow Cab) telephone numbering, which might not "necessarily"
      be strictly ColdWar Related... but read further down for the MW tower
      as it is still "on topic".

      Earlier today, I posted to Yahoo: Crossbar/C.O., Yahoo: Local Calling,
      Yahoo: TENproject, and the Telnum-L majordomo list:


      > I did look up the main phone number for Yellow Cabs in Baton Rouge,
      > and the BellSouth/SBC/at&t on-line look-up shows 225-926-6400.
      > The "92x" office code range in Baton Rouge used to be known as
      > WAlnut in the "old" 2L-5N EXchange name days... but note that the
      > number ends -6400, not -6411.
      > However, in the 1965 20th Century Fox movie with Bette Davis and
      > Olivia deHavilland, "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte", which took place
      > in an old yet fictitious rural southern Louisiana Town, Hollisport,
      > which was not too far outside of Baton Rouge LA. The outdoor scenes
      > of the movie were indeed filmed on location in south Louisiana at
      > Houmas House Plantation Home outside of Gonzales LA, and other
      > rural settings just outside of Baton Rouge.
      > Early in the movie, "Miriam", played by Olivia deHavilland, is
      > returning to south Louisiana from NYC, to visit her cousin
      > "Charlotte", played by Bette Davis. "Miriam" arrives at the
      > plantation house in a Yellow Cab. I've freeze-framed the DVD of the
      > movie, where you can see the side of the Yellow Cab. The phone
      > number DI.2-8811 is displayed on the side of the cab. 504-342 now
      > 225-342, would have been known as "DIckens" in the old 2L-5N
      > EXchange name days, and that was/is a valid Baton Rouge central
      > office code.
      > I looked up Yellow Cabs in several 1960s-era Baton Rouge LA phone
      > directories at the Baton Rouge Public Library, and yes, back in the
      > 1960s-era, they were (504) DI.2-8811 or (504) 342-8811.
      > Apparantly, at some point, Yellow Cabs in Baton Rouge moved their
      > main dispatch center, and were served from a different central
      > office, thus the change to (504) 926-6400. Maybe they moved,
      > changing to a different serving central office AFTER 1998/99?
      > The Baton Rouge LA and vicinity LATA changed from NPA 504 to the
      > 225 NPA during 1998/99 though. But I didn't look up various
      > 1970s/80s/90s era Baton Rouge LA phone books to see when Yellow Cabs
      > changed from the DI.2/342 phone number to the current 926 (which
      > would be WA.6) phone number.
      > I did try dialing to 225-342-8811, just for the hell of it, and
      > after several rings, heard a "stutter" and then more rings. It went
      > to the voicemail of some woman with the "Louisiana State Office of
      > Disabilities" or something like that. (Baton Rouge is also the State
      > Capital for Louisiana). I wonder if this woman gets many wrong
      > numbers of people trying to call Yellow Cabs? It might all depend
      > on WHEN Baton Rouge Yellow Cabs changed from (504) DI.2/342-8811 to
      > (225) 926-6400.

      I still have to put togather a report on the EXchange history of the
      Baton Rouge LA metro area. Baton Rouge was one of the handful of
      metro areas in Louisiana that did have multiple central office
      switches for the ratecenter/locality/exchange area, probably before
      WW-II, but most definately in the post-WW-II era. However, the ONLY
      multi-switch city in Louisiana that had a history of EXchange NAmes
      was New Orleans prior to the widespread (temporary) use of 2L-5N from
      the mid-1950s through the mid-1960s in Louisiana. New Orleans had
      2L-4N numbers, until the 1955-60 period when things began converting
      to 2L-5N, one switch at a time, each in a flash-cut though.

      And while Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Monroe, and Lake Charles had
      multiple central office switches, they only had 5-digit local numbers,
      the first digit indicating the particular central office switch, and
      maybe the particular group of 10,000 theoretical numbers in a
      particular c.o.switch/building/area.

      It also happens that the only cities in Louisiana which had public
      transit, and still have some today, for DECADES, were New Orleans,
      Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Monroe, Lake Charles. And these towns all
      had STREETCARS in the "old" days. However, with the exception of
      the east bank of New Orleans, all of these listed towns (including
      the west bank of New Orleans) eliminated their streetcar lines,
      introducing busses, circa 1930, or by the time WW-II started.

      Lafayette LA also has had public transit (busses) for many years now,
      but I can't remember from reading histories of transit/streetcars in
      Louisiana, if Lafayette ever had a streetcar system prior to WW-2.
      Lafayette itself was only a "single-c.o.switch" community until the
      mid-1960s, when "Vermillion", LFYTLAVM---, initially a #5XB, the
      318-98x, now 337-98x range of codes, was added.

      There are other communities in Lousiana which now have some kind of
      local bus service, including Alexandria, which I think did have a
      pre-WW-2 streetcar system, however Alexandria was only a single
      telephone central office switch community until the early 1960s.

      But as for Baton Rouge LA...

      DIckens, 504-34x now 225-34x, and WAlnut, 504-92x now 225-92x,
      both were originally SXS offices. They both MIGHT have had some
      additional 34x and 92x c.o.codes added during the mid/late 1960s
      era served out of an ADDED #5XB switch in the building.

      DIckens, 34x, is a range in the "Main" building, BTRGLAMA---
      555 Florida Blvd at 333 N.Sixth St.

      WAlnut, 92x, is a range in the "Goodwood" building, BTRGLAGW---
      566 Lobdell Ave.

      Both now have Lucent/WECO #5ESS switches for BellSouth local service,

      The BellSouth Baton Rouge LATA Tandem/TOPS is NO LONGER located at
      "Main" but rather at "Goodwood". Baton Rouge "Main" still serves the
      "downtown" area, and has the AT&T 4ESS switch 012-T BTRGLAMA04T
      lcoated there.

      The "old" Main building is located at 555 Florida Blvd on the corner
      with North 6th Street. The old directories indicate Southern Bell's
      public lobby/business office was located at that address as well.
      There is a much "newer" Main building located at 333 North 6th Street
      built immediately adjacent to the "old" building, the new building
      having both BELLSOUTH and 1984-vintage-logo AT&T signage. There is
      also a nice tower array of MW dishes/horns/etc. associated with the
      "newer" Main building.

      I've taken some pictures of the exterior of the Baton Rouge "Main"
      facility with my cellphone camera, but still have to email them to
      my home computer and process them ... if anyone's interested in having
      copies of these pics!

      Mark J. Cuccia
      markjcuccia at yahoo dot com
      Lafayette LA (formerly of New Orleans LA, pre-Katrina)
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