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976Re: [coldwarcomms] Re: PA L3I cable

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  • Mike Jacobs
    Jun 1, 2000
      Thanks for the compliments.

      First, I think that the blast detector is probably a gamma ray
      detector. It is constructed of about inch thick aluminum or
      stainless steel (i didn't check to see if it is magnetic or not, but
      there is no sign of rust on it). That amount of metal would shield
      the detector from beta and soft gamma rays, yet allow high energy
      gamma rays from a nuclear explosion to pass through and trigger
      the detector. Finland also has the standard three pressure
      detectors spaced around the site, but there was no sign of any
      such detectors at Pottstown, although both Finland and Pottstown
      have the KS-19557 units. I have not seen the KS-19557 at any of
      the other sites I have been to. I plan on heading back to
      Cherryville, NJ this weekend, so I will get better pics of that.

      There were no satellite dishes at either Finland or Pottstown, and
      the AT&T sign on the front of the building is gone at Finland.

      As an aside, for those that don't already know, the KS in KS-19557
      and everything else with a KS number stands for "Kearny
      Standard" which means it was made at or procured through the
      massive Kearny Works of Western Electric in Kearny, New Jersey.

      Mike Jacobs, N3YAV
      Antenna and RF Engineering Laboratory
      Penn State University
      State College, PA
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