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890Re: [coldwarcomms] Thurmont, MD passive repeater

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  • Albert LaFrance
    May 11, 2000
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      >Double billboards are quite rare, as usually you can find a better
      >for a passive.
      >There is one other kind of passive - two back to back dishes. It has much
      >lower wind loading for the same performance, but won't acheve as much gain
      >as a big reflector. The upside is a 180 degree angle works as well as a 5
      >degree one. Path alignment can be a royal PITA (4 antennas, 8 degrees of
      >freedom) unless you take a Spec-An up the passive tower.

      Thanks for the info on that type of passive repeater. Mark Foster notes
      such a repeater was installed at the USAF's "The Notch" PACCS facility in
      Hadley, MA:


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