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834Re: [coldwarcomms] Unusual AT&T microwave station

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  • Patton Turner
    Apr 4 2:13 PM
      At 01:59 AM 3/31/00 -0500, you wrote:
      >Buckingham, PA is in the middle of the wealthiest part of Bucks
      >County, PA...the county with the densest population of millionaires
      >in the US. When AT&T wanted to put a tower there, the only way
      >they got local approval was to make it as accptable to the local
      >tastes as possible, or so the story goes that I was told. Clearly it
      >wasn't a hardened concrete tower like the one at Mercersburg,
      >PA...and since I used to be the Outside Plant Engineer for Bell
      >Atlantic that covered that part of Bucks County, I can say that
      >there are no defense-related facilities that might have been part of
      >any special AT&T system in the area.

      I was told by a manager with Speciality Constructors (purchased by american
      tower) that American Tower had bought all of AT&T's microwave towers. I
      suggested that maybe he meant cellular towers, but he was sure the backbone
      microwave towers were part of the deal.
      >Other interesting AT&T towers I have seen are along the Ohio
      >Turnpike, where they are rectangular buildings, and also right at the
      >entrance to the Florida Keys, where there is another rectangular
      >masonry building with bays at different levels for horns. I was never
      >able to figure out where the other end of the link was...driving down
      >to Key West, I never saw another AT&T building...maybe the bays
      >pointing that way were for future expansion that was never built.

      Space diversity? When the old troposcatter system went down, that was the
      only link in and out of the keys- Now they have fiber of course.

      Patton Turner Telecom Engineer- FAA Telecommunications
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