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8294Re: Lightwave Spectrum gone?

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  • pwood78
    Jan 1, 2005
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      > I seem to recall that Lightwave Spectrum was acquired by MCI a few
      > years ago. Can anyone confirm/refute that?

      Thier markers are in the same place along Rt. 28 heading out of
      Fauquier County and I think into Haymarket. I wasn't able to observe
      the route fully due to all of the construction.

      I don't recall MCI fiber being along that route last year but I could
      be mistaken.

      > Regarding QGS, my guess would be that it's Qwest Government
      > Services. See:

      Ahah! That would make sense. Especially if Qwest bought LSi then
      there would reason to relabel most of the LSi signs. However, someone
      should fix that page. There is a repeating sentence that goes on and
      on =]
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