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810re: GWEN Site ownership

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  • Albert LaFrance
    Feb 22, 2000
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      I believe some of the GWEN stations used (or planned to use) commercial
      radio broadcast towers, though of course all of the GWEN equipment would be
      owned by the Air Force. The stations were unmanned. I don't know who did
      maintenance - I wouldn't be surprised if contractors were used, especially
      for the relay nodes located far from military installations.

      Last week, I e-mailed the PAO at the USAF Aerospace Command and Control &
      Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaisance Center (AC2ISRC), asking for info
      about GWEN. No response so far.


      Message text written by INTERNET:coldwarcomms@onelist.com
      >From: CLDWARHIST@...
      >Were all GWEN sites operated and owned by the US Air Force?
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