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6934Re: 1965 Bell Labs Record contents

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  • William Miller
    Feb 3, 2004
      --- In coldwarcomms@yahoogroups.com, Mark Foster <mfoster@c...>

      > Oct 65 - Norad's Blast Resistant Network. Can anyone identify the
      > 6 stations that fed NORAD? (4 were L-1 Coaxial cable and 2 were

      This is from what we've seen down there:

      Based on the graphic the 12 o' clock position is Westcreek, the 2
      o'clock position is Calhan, the 4 o'clock position is either Boone
      or Lamar, the 6 o'clock position is either Cedarwood or Beulah, the
      8 o'clock position is -possibly- Beulah if Cedarwood is 6 o'clock,
      and the 10 o'clock position is -possibly- Badger Mountain.

      We can find no substantiated record of any 8 o'clock or 10 o'clock
      sites. If anyone else has an information, please pass it on. :)

      We've heard rumors that Cedarwood might have had a microwave shot to
      Cheyenne South at one point in time. It certainly had the tower
      height and location to do this, but we haven't found any proof of
      this yet. This would make Cedarwood 6 o'clock and Beulah 8 o'clock
      if it turns out to be true.

      Another rumor is that Badger Mountain had a shot to Cheyenne North
      which would be the missing 10 o'clock site. We havent made it up to
      Badger yet (requires a snowcat this time of year), but plan to this

      Also, based on the three coaxial feeds coming into the 4 o'clock
      site, it is possible this represents Lamar. Lamar is quite a haul
      from NORAD though and the graphic doesn't show anything between
      the "nodal stations" and NORAD itself.

      1966: http://long-lines.net/places-routes/maps/MW6610-W-1.jpg shows
      the route from Calhan as being operational and the route from Beulah
      being constructed.

      1976: http://long-lines.net/places-routes/maps/CO76.html shows the
      routes I mentioned above.

      Photos: http://www.badpixels.com/~omfuxs/
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