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6791Re: 1965 Bell Labs Record contents

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  • Albert LaFrance
    Jan 1, 2004
      The NORAD item is now online at:

      Your question about the stations serving NORAD is a good one. From this
      1976 map (the same routes are shown on a 1979 map) it looks like only about
      half of the planned ring was built:

      Perhaps DoD decided to use carriers other than AT&T for the remainder of the
      links, or maybe funding was never provided for the full implementation. It
      would be interesting to find out what happened.


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      > The Cold War related articles in the 1965 Bell Lab Records I found
      > interesting were:
      > Jan 65 - NASA's 304 Conference Switching System that was located
      > in Greenbelt, MD.
      > Oct 65 - Norad's Blast Resistant Network. Can anyone identify the
      > 6 stations that fed NORAD? (4 were L-1 Coaxial cable and 2 were
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