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  • Mark Foster
    Nov 1, 1999
      FYI: The space required for a No. 5 ESS is about 20' by 40'.

      Not much compared to the No. 5 Crossbar and the 1ESS
      which took up much of one floor.

      Also consider most of the L Main stations had parking for
      only 10 or 20 cars.

      >I wonder how many operator positions they had at Monrovia.
      >I don't recall exactly how big the Monrovia parking lot is. I'm thinking
      >roughly the size of the main lot at Dranesville; maybe 50 cars? That's not
      >too much space, especially if the staff worked on non-staggered shifts.
      >When you add in the other two lots, Dranesville has way more parking than
      >One possibility (something I'll look into on my next visit) is that there
      >might have been a second lot at Monrovia, but it was sold off after the
      >operators left or mission changes reduced staffing needs. I recall some
      >houses just west of the facility, which might be on that land.
      >The ESS upgrade would seem like a logical time to relocate the operators.
      >Maybe the space occupied by the operators was needed to house the 5ESS
      >during the cut-over period.
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