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5923Re: Bell system symbol

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  • ozob99
    Jun 3 11:09 AM
      --- In coldwarcomms@yahoogroups.com, "Paul J. Zawada" <zawada@n...>
      > >Some of the Long Lines patch-cord identification tags I posted
      earlier at:
      > >http://longlines.addr.com/operations/patch_tags.html
      > >
      > >display a symbol, shown enlarged here:
      > >http://lafrance.homestead.com/files/bell_symbol.html
      > >
      > >Initially I didn't pay much attention to it, but I just saw it on
      an Indiana
      > >Bell publication being offered on eBay:
      > >
      > >Does anyone know the origin and significance of that symbol?
      > >
      > Perhaps it had no significance. It looks like it may be a
      > A fleuron is a typographical ornament that's usually in the shape of
      > a flower or leaf. It's used by graphic designers to set off a
      > passage of text, add a little visual style, or just take up space.
      > In the modern era you don't see them much anymore since things are
      > digitally produced and many digital font collections don't include
      > them...
      > This fleuron in particular (if indeed that's what it is) may have
      > been used quite a bit by AT&T graphic designers or typesetters?
      > a guess.. I could be wrong. Maybe if you line them up properly
      > will provide directions to the nearest underground mainstation in
      > case of nulcear attack. Who knows? :-)
      > --zawada

      I agree,its probably an embellishment by graphical composers...if
      posted to the web i'm sure we'd find out it's satanic or part of a
      stargate code:)
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