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5922Re: [coldwarcomms] Bell system symbol

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  • Paul J. Zawada
    Jun 3, 2003
      >Some of the Long Lines patch-cord identification tags I posted earlier at:
      >display a symbol, shown enlarged here:
      >Initially I didn't pay much attention to it, but I just saw it on an Indiana
      >Bell publication being offered on eBay:
      >Does anyone know the origin and significance of that symbol?

      Perhaps it had no significance. It looks like it may be a "fleuron."
      A fleuron is a typographical ornament that's usually in the shape of
      a flower or leaf. It's used by graphic designers to set off a
      passage of text, add a little visual style, or just take up space.
      In the modern era you don't see them much anymore since things are
      digitally produced and many digital font collections don't include

      This fleuron in particular (if indeed that's what it is) may have
      been used quite a bit by AT&T graphic designers or typesetters? Just
      a guess.. I could be wrong. Maybe if you line them up properly they
      will provide directions to the nearest underground mainstation in
      case of nulcear attack. Who knows? :-)


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