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5893AT&T Jackie Jones Mtn. designer

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  • Albert LaFrance
    May 30, 2003
      The records from Jackie Jones Mountain include the construction
      specifications for the original building, dated May 17, 1946.
      The specs themselves are not interesting; they're just detailed requirements
      for the building's materials and workmanship, probably not very different
      other Bell System construction specs of the era.

      What got my attention was the document's title page, which identifies the
      designer as Henry Dreyfuss, 501 Madison Avenue, New York 22. I thought I'd
      heard that name before but I couldn't remember where, so I did a Google
      search. I learned that Mr. Dreyfuss (asuming he's the same person) was a
      well-known and prolific industrial designer - and that one of his most
      successful designs was the widely-used Western Electric model 500 telephone