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537Re: Presidential shelter on Nantucket Island

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  • Albert LaFrance
    Sep 10, 1999

      Thanks for the info and photos - nice research!

      From the outside, the bunker appears surprisingly unsophisticated,
      contrasted with the Presidential Emergency Facilities like "Cannonball"
      which were also being built in the early 1960s or before, and with places
      like Mt. Weather and Site R. This is just speculation, but perhaps that's
      because the Nantucket bunker had to be built hastily, after Kennedy's
      election and specifically for him, while the other facilities in the DC
      area were planned for the long term to serve every president.

      I wonder if Jackie saw the thing, and what she would have said about it!
      The entrance looks like someone took the end of a boiler, cut a hole in it,
      and welded on a steel plate with hinges to make a door.

      Any idea what kind of comms capability the bunker had?

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