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526Re: Presidential shelter on Nantucket Island

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  • Albert LaFrance
    Sep 6, 1999
      Thanks for the map, Mark.

      A local government web page mentions the Navy base, which is abandoned:


      If the shelter was under the same authority as the Presidential Emergency
      Facilities in the Washington, DC area, it was probably built by the
      Chesapeake Division of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (CHESDIV
      NAVFACENGCOM), which is now known as Engineering Field Activity Chesapeake
      (EFACHES). I have spoken with their Environmental Division, which
      participated in a 1988 environmental/safety study of the abandoned
      "Cannonball" relay station in Pennsylvania. They confirmed their
      involvement with what they called "the White House sites", but said all
      documentation about the sites is in the hands of the White House Military
      Office. The engineer who worked on the study said he couldn't discuss it
      without WHMO permission, and as expected, the WHMO has not provided any

      Another agency which might have relevant information is the U.S. Army Corps
      of Engineers, since they conduct surveys for possible hazards at former
      defense sites before they're sold or turned over to local governments.
      Their reports always include a history of the installation, and would
      probably mention the presidential shelter. I'll inquire about a report on
      the Nantucket base and post any information I receive.

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