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4920Re: Weird beacon features.

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  • dsss_communications <dsss_communications
    Dec 19, 2002
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      --- In coldwarcomms@yahoogroups.com, Robert Cruz <dcat4955@b...>
      > > "Last month I had to replace the 807 vacuum tube finals in a
      > > beacon near here. "
      > great tube. i'm surpised they still have that stuff in operation. i
      > a bunch of 807's hoping to one day get a nice tube audio amp to use
      > in!
      > we still have tube items in the bellsouth c.o. i work in. we cant
      > it because no one remembers what its for or if its been disconected.
      > they look like they may be some form of high impedance line amp or
      > something. the tubes all glow though!
      > robert
      > ke4mcl

      You will be even more proud to know that the maintenance record for
      this unit showed the last service of the finals in 1994. Now, mind
      you, this unit has been on the air 24/7. When checked, both finals
      were totally flat but the modulator, which also has 807s, was
      functioning well with plenty of emission headroom.

      This particular unit was "upgraded" in the 1980s and had the original
      motor-driven morse code keyer replaced with a solid-state unit.
      Otherwise, it's the same old transmitter.

      This past year I moved back to my home state after 33 years away
      performing engineering functions in Colorado. It's quite remarkable
      to see good old vacuum tube equipment in full swing up here. I guess
      that's our "little secret".

      In addition, the Qwest COs up here never had the "US West" signs
      taken off of them. There are also still many "Bell System" and "AT&T
      Long Lines" signs on buildings if you look hard enough. It is
      painfully obvious that Qwest has concentrated on the money-making
      regions of their network and have allowed the rest to languish. I
      have spent the past two years studying the inner workings of the
      old "Phone Company" and am sorry to say that I have little respect
      for how the "new" company - or remnants of it - is being run.

      But that's another story for several thousand pages of email...


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