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4399Re: [coldwarcomms] Re: Dahlgren VA

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  • Rick C.
    Oct 1, 2002
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      From what I recall, it was on the part that goes through Ft. A.P. Hill,
      closer to the northern boundary I believe. It is off the road, in the
      trees, with a small access driveway. On both north and soutbound, there are
      plastic - about 8 feet tall - poles with a metal arrow on top pointing in
      the direction of the hut, on the southbound side.
      I had not noticed the other sites, but then again I wasn't actively
      searching. I know just the areas you are referring to, so next time I am
      down that way I'll need to take a look.

      > Never seen one near Ft. A.P. Hill, is that the part of 301
      >that goes through the fort? Hope not. I have seen three off 301/2 in
      >the Caroline Co. along with a maintence facility. Also seen one in
      >Henrico Co. near Richmond City limits.

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